Recent Updates

The following Department of Commerce Organization and Administrative orders have recently been added, revised or revoked:

Effective Date Action Number Title
2016-05-18 Added DOO 10-22 Department of Commerce Skills for Business Coordination Council
2016-05-10 Revised DAO 202-958 Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters
2016-04-16 Revised DAO 217-16 Sustainability and Environmental Management
2016-04-16 Added DAO 217-22 Workplace Space Design Standard
2016-04-11 Revoked DAO 208-5 Contracting (Procurement) Review and Approval Requirements
2016-04-11 Revoked DAO 208-10 Management of Contracted Services
2016-04-11 Revised DOO 20-6 Director for Security
2015-09-18 Revised DOO 10-6 Office of the General Counsel
2015-09-18 Revised DAO 203-31 Protection of the Commerce Business Systems (CBS) Source Code
2015-09-11 Revised DOO 20-27 Director for Financial Management
2015-07-20 Revised DAO 209-3 Injury, Illness, Accident, and Fatality Investigation and Reporting
2015-06-29 Revised DOO 25-4B Minority Business Development Agency
2015-05-26 Added DAO 208-16 Acquisition Project Management
2015-05-22 Revised DAO 213-5 Audit and Evaluation Resolution and Follow-up
2015-05-04 Revised DOO 25-5 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2015-04-28 Revised DOO 15-9 Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
2015-04-13 Revised DOO 10-16 Under Secretary for Industry and Security
2015-02-26 Revised DAO 207-11 Official Credential and Badge
2014-12-18 Revoked DAO 202-351 Reduction in Force
2014-12-18 Revoked DAO 202-711 Labor Management Relations
2014-10-10 Revised DAO 200-1 Primary Directives System
2014-12-18 Revised DOO 10-19 Department of Commerce Privacy Council
2014-11-13 Revised DOO 20-1 Director for Facilities and Environmental Quality
2014-07-29 Revised DAO 200-0 Department of Commerce Handbooks and Manuals
2014-06-18 Revised DAO 207-1 Security Programs
2014-03-13 Added DAO 216-20 Enterprise Risk Management
2013-12-12 Revised DAO 207-10 Inspector General Investigations
2013-10-29 Revoked DAO 201-45 Departmental Oversight of Major Systems
2013-10-29 Revoked DAO 208-3 Major System Acquisitions for the Department of Commerce
2013-09-19 Revised DOO 40-1 International Trade Administration
2013-09-18 Revised DOO 10-3 Under Secretary of International Trade
2013-08-08 Added DAO 217-21 Space Allowance and Management Program
2013-04-26 Revised DOO 10-13 Inspector General
2013-04-26 Revised DOO 23-1 Office of Inspector General
2013-04-24 Revised DAO 215-10 Reasonable Accommodation for Applicants with Disabilities
2013-02-28 Revised DOO 15-23 Chief Information Officer
2012-11-09 Revised DOO 1-1 Mission and Organization of the Department
2012-09-28 Revised DOO 10-14 Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO
2012-09-24 Revised DOO 25-4B Minority Business Development Agency
2012-09-17 Revised DOO 25-7 National Telecommunications and Information Administration
2012-09-04 Revised DOO 50-1 Bureau of Industry and Security
2012-04-26 Added DAO 218-8 Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments
2012-04-03 Revised DAO 217-16 Energy and Environmental Management
2012-02-28 Added DAO 216-19 Economic and Demographic Statistical Product Releases
2012-02-17 Revised DOO 20-31 Chief Privacy Officer and Director of Open Government
2012-02-13 Added DOO 10-21 Department of Commerce Freedom of Information Act Council
2011-12-20 Revised DOO 10-9 Under Secretary for Economic Affairs
2011-12-12 Revised DOO 10-15 Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2011-10-21 Revised DAO 202-960 Performance Excellence Program
2011-09-26 Revised DAO 206-4 Directory Boards
2011-08-31 Added DAO 216-18 Climate Change Adaptation Planning
2011-08-24 Revised DAO 209-3 Injury, Illness, Accident, and Fatality Investigation and Reporting
2011-08-24 Added DOO 10-20 Department of Commerce Internet Policy Task Force
2011-07-15 Revised DOO 35-2B Bureau of the Census
2011-06-16 Revised DOO 10-4 Assistant Secretary for Economic Development
2011-06-08 Revised DAO 202-771 Administrative Grievance Procedure
2011-05-02 Revised DOO 30-2B National Institute of Standards and Technology
2011-04-06 Revised DOO 20-26 Director for Acquisition Management
2011-03-18 Revised DAO 208-15 Acquisition Planning
2011-01-07 Revised DOO 20-3 Director for Budget
2011-01-07 Added DOO 20-30 Director for Program Evaluation and Risk Management
2011-01-07 Revoked DOO 20-7 Director for Management and Organization
2011-01-07 Revoked DOO 20-28 Director for Executive Budgeting and Assistance Management
2011-01-05 Revised DOO 10-5 Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration
2011-01-05 Revised DOO 5-1 Deputy Secretary of Commerce
2010-10-28 Revised DOO 30-7B National Technical Information Service
2010-10-06 Revoked DAO 203-26 Department of Commerce Grants Administration
2010-07-16 Revised DOO 45-1 Economic Development Administration
2010-03-16 Added DOO 10-19 Department of Commerce Privacy Council

Office of Privacy and Open Government
Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce

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