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News Archive of July 2010

Evaluating Commerce's Open Government Plan Version 1.1

The Commerce Open Government team was recently asked to assess just how well we answered the core questions of the Open Government Directive with the Open Government Plan we released earlier this month.
The table below establishes “grades” for each of the major components of our Open Government Plan and the overall result.  These grades were decided by looking at the 30 distinct questions/requirements laid out in the Directive itself and determining whether our plan fully satisfied (Green), partially satisfied (Yellow) or failed to address (Red).  You can see the full-evaluation by clicking the “Read More” link below.

Overall, we think the Commerce Department, like most other Federal Agencies tasked with responding, has partially satisfied the requirements for the Open Government plans and we're working quickly to address those parts that aren't quite there or could be better. You will notice that we have the previous and current versions on our Open Gov Web site.  We are doing this to allow public viewing of where we started leading to where we are now.  Our previous versions are under the Open Gov Plan history area.  We'll continue to make changes, as soon as they're completed, we'll put them up on this site and make sure you know about them.  Please use the feedback section to give us your comments on the plan.

While we would have liked to be green in all areas and fully satisfied every requirement for our Open Government Plan, we know the plan we publish is a living document this is version 1.1 release it has some updates to the previous version.  As we move forward we are working with all of our partners in both internal Commerce Bureaus and external partners to ensure the Commerce Plan grows and meets the public needs for information sharing.

Overall Grades for Commerce Open Government Plan

Formulating the Plan in the Open


Transparency Component


Participation Component


Collaboration Component


Flagship Initiatives Component


Overall Rating


Click "Read More" below to see our complete evaluation.