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Commerce Employees & Applicants: For EEO Counseling and information about other bureau programs, contact your bureau EEO Officer
Director's Office 202/482-0625 (V) 
Questions about:
  • EEO Counseling
  • Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • EEO and Sexual Orientation Discrimination Complaints


Complaints about discrimination and accessibility in Commerce and Commerce-funded programs and services

(202) 482-0625 (V)
Sign Language Interpreting Service 202/482-4481 (V);
202/ 482-2030 (TTY)
Questions about other OCR programs (202) 482-5691 (V)

TTY Users may call via the Federal Relay Service (FRS) at 1-800-877-8339. A US Government TTY Directory is available on the FRS web site.

E-Mail Addresses of Selected OCR Staff
Director Tinisha Agramonte
Director for Administration and Special Projects Division. Kathryn H. Anderson
Acting Director, Program Implementation Division Kathryn H. Anderson
Chief Investigator Sandra Zanelotti
Director, Departmental
Policy & Evaluation Division
Stacy Carter
Director, Client Services & Resolution Division, Office of Inspector General (OIG), and EEO Officer (all bureaus except PTO, NOAA, Census, and NIST)* Bernadette Worthy  


EEO Manager, Affirmative Action (MD-715), Hispanic Employment Program, Women's Employment Program, AAPI Employment Program, and LGBT program. Cristina Bartolomei
Disability Program Manager Monique Dismuke
Sign Language Interpreting Service (Hoover Building)** Sign Language Interpreters' Desk 

*PTO, NOAA, Census, and NIST employees and applicants: contact your Bureau EEO Officer.

** For Bureaus/Offices outside the Hoover Building, contact your Bureau EEO Officer to find out what sign language interpreting services are available.

To locate OCR staff not listed here, use the DOC Person Finder.

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