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Hispanic Employment Initiatives are part of the Department’s efforts to address and assist in reversing the underrepresentation of Hispanics at DOC and better serve the nation's Hispanic community. DOC Hispanic Employment Initiatives seek to recruit talented candidates for employment with DOC; retain, promote, and develop current employees; and create a pipeline for addressing current and future workforce needs. Hispanic Employment Initiatives are tied to DOC’s Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity. Through Hispanic Employment Initiatives, DOC is seeking to build relationships with Hispanic communities and engage them in DOC’s mission of ensuring and enabling this Nation’s economic growth and development. Hispanic Employment Initiatives call for strengthening DOC’s outreach activities in a comprehensive effort to promote partnership opportunities with the Hispanic community in three critical areas: employment, education, and business opportunities.



    Commerce Blog: Commerce Secretary Ross Kicks Off Hispanic Heritage Month, Stresses Need for Tax Reform


    U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Addresses the Latino Coalition’s Capturing the Momentum Summit on September 14, 2017.

    Last week, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross kicked off National Hispanic Heritage Month and stressed the commitment by the U.S. Commerce Department and the Trump Administration to the long-term economic growth of the Hispanic business community.


    During his address at The Latino Coalition’s Capturing the Momentum Summit, he outlined the importance of the minority business community to the U.S. economy and that economic development and empowerment for all Americans is critical to the continued advancement of the economy and the creation of U.S. jobs.


    In particular, Secretary Ross stressed the need to reduce the existing tax burden that hinder fair and equal economic opportunity for U.S. business owners and called on the Latino coalition and the Hispanic business community to support President Trump’s tax plan.


    “Economic development and empowerment for all Americans are critical to the continued advancement of the economy and the creation of more U.S. jobs,” said Secretary Ross.  “President Trump’s tax plan will bring back our jobs and bring back our wealth resulting in a better life for all Americans.”



      Scholarships for Hispanic American Students - AffordableColleges.com

      Despite our country’s ongoing economic volatility and increased college costs, the financial aid picture for minorities has never looked brighter. Currently, billions of dollars are set aside each year specifically for Asian Americans, African American, Hispanic American, and Native American students. This funding is open to minorities at any level (high school through postdoctoral) for a variety of activities including study, research, travel, training, career development and creative projects. While numerous listings provide general financial aid opportunities, there seems to be a lack of online scholarship listings specifically for minority groups. As a result, many advisors, librarians, scholars, researchers and students often have been unaware of the extensive funding opportunities available to Hispanic Americans and other minority groups.


      AffordableColleges.com offers an extensive listing of scholarships for minority students on AffordableColleges.com. See more information here.


      Fulfilling America's Future: Latina's in the U.S.

      The Latinas in the U.S. report highlights the condition of Hispanic girls and women in the country and their participation in areas such as: education, health, labor, housing and politics. The report can inform key programmatic, policy and advocacy efforts at the local, state and national levels seeking to better increase the educational attainment and life outcomes of Latinas.


      Bright Spots in Hispanic Education National Online Catalog

      The Bright Spots in Hispanic Education national online catalog features over 230 programs, models, organizations and initiatives that are supporting and investing in the educational attainment of Hispanics, from cradle-to-career. The Initiative seeks to leverage these Bright Spots to encourage collaboration between stakeholders focused on similar issues in sharing data-driven approaches, promising practices, peer advice, and effective partnerships, ultimately resulting in increased support for the educational attainment of the Hispanic community. Nominate a Bright Spot.


      Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and Bright Spots in Hispanic Education to Fulfill America's Future

      Today, nearly one in four students in our nation’s public schools is a Hispanic youth. Making sure Latinos have the opportunity to achieve their dreams isn’t just the right thing to do for the Latino community —it is also the right thing to do for our country. In just the next few decades, Hispanics will represent nearly one in three American workers. It’s clear; the future of our nation is inextricably [..] Read more.

      Census "Facts for Features" for Hispanic Heritage Month

      The Census Bureau presents a 2015 data report on Hispanics in the United States. Read more.


      2015 Presidential Proclamation on Hispanic Heritage Month

      In the PresidentialProclamation for the 2015 Hispanic Heritage Month, President barack Obama states "America's Hispanic community has the same dreams, values, trials, and triumphs of people in every corner of our country, and they show the same grit and determination that have carried us forward for centuries.  During National Hispanic Heritage Month, let us renew our commitment to honoring the invaluable ways Hispanics contribute to our common goals, to celebrating Hispanic culture, and to working toward a stronger, more inclusive, and more prosperous society for all." Read more.


      President Barack Obama proclaims September 14 through September 20th as "national Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week"

      "I call on public officials, educators, and all the people of the United States to observe this week with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities that acknowledge the many ways these institutions and their graduates contribute to our country." Read more.













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