HCO Memoranda, Cancelled

cancelled Cancelled — The HCO memoranda in the table below are cancelled.

  HCO Memo Title Cancelled 
cancelled HCO Memo 92-35 Prompt Payment Act Delegation. Note: The effective date was 05/01/1992 09/30/2009
cancelled HCO Memo 92-23 Departmental Review of Automated Procurement. Note: The effective date was 05/16/1992 09/30/2009
cancelled HCO Memo 91-204 Procurement Automation. Note: The effective date was 04/23/1991 09/30/2009
cancelled HCO Memo 91-193 Acceptance of “Bonus Bids”. Note: The effective date was 12/28/1990 09/30/2009
cancelled HCO Memo 90-164 Acquisition of Telecommunications Services Under GSA’s FTS2000 Contract. Note: The effective date was 07/12/1990 09/30/2009

Office of Acquisition Management
Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration
Office of the Secretary
U.S. Department of Commerce

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