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Use of Social Media/Web 2.0 in the Department of Commerce

Social media/Web 2.0 technologies (SM/W2.0) are an important way to allow the public, the press, and others interested in DOC's work to engage in dialogue and ultimately to help improve DOC programs. DOC employees are encouraged to use SM/W2.0 technologies in an official government capacity (i.e. used to transmit information pertaining to the DOC's work) , so long as the use conforms to Public Communications(DAO 219-1), Web, and Internet Use policies. DOC employees are to use SM/W2.0 technologies in an official capacity only on DOC Approved services using DOC Approved accounts.

The forthcoming Department of Commerce Policy on the Approval and Use of Social Media and Web 2.0 provides guidance for operating units and Commerce employees to take full advantage of social media and Web 2.0 while, at the same time, protecting Commerce and its employees from the risks inherent in using these services without the proper safeguards. this policy shall define:

  • Why This Policy Is Necessary
  • Other Applicable Commerce Policies
  • Responsibilities of Chief Information Officers
  • General Guidelines for the Use of SM/W2.0 Technologies in an Official Capacity
  • General Guidelines for the Use of SM/W2.0 Technologies in an Unofficial Capacity
  • Responsibilities of Commerce Employees
  • Applying for Official Social Media and Web 2.0 Accounts
  • Specific IT Security Guidelines for Using Social Media and Web 2.0 Technologies
  • Resources for Additional Information

Department of Commerce approved Social Media/Web 2.0 Account Agreements:

The following Social Media/Web 2.0 services have been approved for use by DOC Bureaus and Operating Units for "official" accounts (i.e., those with signed TOS). Other agreements are in the process of review by OGC and approval.

To request the ability to use other Social Media services (i.e. sign new TOS agreements), an email must be sent to for approval.

Terms of Service
Social Networking services
Facebook logo FaceBook Terms of Service agreement Notes: Under the government TOS agreement, you will maintain the following message in a prominent location on your Facebook page: “If you're looking for the official source of information about [Government Entity], please visit our homepage at [URL Link]."
MySpace logo MySpace Terms of Service agreement  
Multimedia/Photo sharing services
YouTube logo YouTube Terms of Service agreement Notes: Videos must be captioned to conform to Section 508 requirements
Flickr logo Flickr Terms of Service agreement Notes: Phots must be contain "alt" tags to conform to Section 508 requirements logo Terms of Service agreement Notes: Videos must be captioned to conform to Section 508 requirements
iTunes university logo iTunes University Terms of Service agreement  
Social Bookmarking
AddThis logo AddThis Terms of Service agreement  
WordPress logo WordPress Terms of Service agreement  
Other Web 2.0 Technologies that require no Terms of Service (TOS) Agreements

Disclaimer: These technologies have been in use at various federal agencies and bureaus and do not carry a standard terms of service.  Use of these technologies are restricted by each OU/Bureau's internal network and CIO policies.

rss feed logo RSS Feeds (atom; etc) No TOS required


Podcast logo Podcasts No TOS required


twitterlogo Twitter No TOS required  

Contact Us Complete an application for DoC Social Media/Web 2.0 accounts on-line

Suggest other Social Media/Web 2.0 tools and services that DoC should consider (please provide a brief description of the service and how use of it will support DoC Operating Unit/Bureau mission.

Social Media policy and guidance resources:

DOC Web Advisory Council/Group

DOC Internet Use Policy

DOC Communications policy (DAO 219-1)

DOC Social Media Guidelines (forthcoming)

Federal CIO Counsel Secure Use of Social Media by Federal Departments and Agencies

DoC Operating Unit/Bureau Social Media points of contact:

Commerce Bureaus Name Email address
DoC Director of New Media & Neil Sroka
DoC Social Media Working Group  
Bureau of the Census Carollynn Hammersmith
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Bradley Akamine
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