Implementing Machine Language Privacy Requirements - Server Admin

Web Advisory Group

Index of Slides

  1. Implementing Machine Readable Privacy Requirements
  2. Objectives of This Training
  3. The E-Gov Requirements
  4. Isn’t the Text Version Enough?
  5. Machine-Readable Policy
  6. How Does P3P Work?
  7. The Policy Reference File - XML
  8. Location of the policy reference file
  9. Policy Reference File
  10. Policy Reference File Tools
  11. APPEL (A P3P Preference Exchange Language)
  12. Compact Policy
  13. Sample CP
  14. Implementing Compact Policy
  15. Server Implementation of CP
  16. Apache Web Server Implementation
  17. Internet Information Server (IIS) Implementation
  18. Web Page Implementation of CP
  19. Web Page Compact Policies
  20. How Users Are Notified -Web Browser Alerts
  21. Browser Support

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