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How to Conduct End-of-Day
 Security Check

Every manager/supervisor should establish a system of security checks at the close of each working day to ensure that: 

1. All classified information has been returned to originator or stored in an approved security container.   

2. All ribbons, disks, and working materials, which may contain classified information, are stored in an approved security container. 

3. Classified waste is stored in an approved security container or  shredded in an approved shredder

4. Desktops and wastebaskets are free of classified materials.           

5. Security containers are checked to ensure they are closed and locked.        

6. All windows and doors are closed and locked (where appropriate). 

As evidence that an end-of-day security check has been made, display an Activity Security Checklist, Standard Form 701 (SF-701) near the office exit.  The last person leaving the office at the end of the work day is responsible for conducting a security check and annotating SF-701 as follows: check each block next to the applicable item under the appropriate date (1-31); initial the block under the date the security check is conducted; and, enter the time in the block under the appropriate date that the security check is completed.  Other items, of your choice, to be checked at the end of the day may be added to the SF-701 in the blank spaces under Item #5. Retain the completed SF-701 for 90 days. 

If the person conducting the security check is unable to secure classified material for any reason, such as a safe malfunction or not knowing the combination, the classified material should be left overnight in the Office of Security, SSMC 1 for safekeeping to avoid possible compromise and a security violation.  Prepare a receipt for the material, which identifies the owner, and make sure the material to be retrieved is properly marked with owner's name and organization.  Report any safe malfunctions to the Office of Security at NOAA Security Staff (301) 713-0954 at the opening of business on the next regular work day. 



US Department of Commerce, Office of Security, 1401 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20230
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