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Number: DOO 25-4B
Effective Date: 2015-06-29


.01     This Order prescribes the organization and assignment of major functions within the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA).  The scope of authority and functions of the Agency are in Department Organization Order 25-4A.

.02     This revision:  abolishes the National Enterprise Centers; transfers the Agency’s knowledge management, research, and data analysis functions from the Office of Business Development to the Office of Legislation, Education, and Intergovernmental Affairs; and updates the organization chart.  The functions previously performed by the National Enterprise Centers have been transferred to the Office of Business Development.


The organizational structure of the Agency and principal lines of authority shall be as depicted in the attached organization chart (Exhibit 1).


.01     The National Director serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the Agency.  In consideration of global and domestic market opportunities, innovations and challenges, the National Director shall direct the formulation, implementation and evaluation of policies and manage programs for all activities of the Agency.

a.      The Chief Counsel serves as legal adviser to the National Director, and provides legal counsel for all components of the Agency including but not limited to proposed federal regulations on minority business, program development and execution, administrative and operational functions and other related activities.  These legal reviews are subject to the overall authority of the General Counsel, as provided for in Department Organization Order 10-6, “Office of the General Counsel.”  The Chief Counsel is assigned by the General Counsel in consultation with the National Director.

.02    The National Deputy Director is the principal assistant to the National Director and shall assist in the day-to-day activities of the Agency.  The National Deputy Director may supervise the Executive Staff in the formation and execution of the budget, personnel issues, program and operational activities.  In the National Director’s absence, the National Deputy Director or the National Director’s designee shall serve as the Agency focal point for liaison with the Congress, White House, Office of the Secretary, and related organizations in coordination with appropriate Departmental officials.

.03          The Office of Information Technology, Research and Innovation shall be headed by the Chief Information Officer (CIO), who shall report and be responsible to the National Director.  The CIO shall as a primary duty oversee the Agency's information resources management and its security; serve as the principal adviser to the National Director on the design, development, implementation and revision of policies, plans and programs to facilitate and strengthen the cost-effective and timely application of information resources to the achievement of strategic Agency missions and goals; be responsible for the evaluation of information system investments against cost, schedule, and performance criteria; implement the applicable provisions of the Clinger-Cohen Act and the Paperwork Reduction Act, regarding the acquisition, management, and use of information technology resources; implement the provisions of 44 U.S.C. 35, "Coordination of Federal Information Policy," that are applicable; manage Agency compliance with the Computer Security Act of 1987; and implement OMB Circular A-130, "Management of Federal Information Resources." Duties of the CIO are performed in coordination with the Department's CIO.  The Office shall:

a.            Identify and respond to user group information needs and facilitate the dissemination of and self-access to information; establish and maintain an enterprise data warehouse; assemble special data and reports; develop and maintain information systems to satisfy management requirements; and develop standards for quality of databases and information systems.  These systems shall be for multiple users in an enterprise platform for business functions. The technology used to support program and administrative activities shall be applicable to a Portal environment.  In coordination with other affected Agency offices, provide system analysis, design, development support, and oversight for the automated systems for administrative and program management, and provide computer software design, development, implementation, and maintenance to the Agency.

b.            Provide analytical reports that are used to develop effective programs that foster enterprise development. The information generated shall also provide prospective and established entrepreneurs the tactical innovation needed to establish and grow their business enterprises; and the information developed and promoted by this office shall be disseminated to the public.


The Associate Director for Business Development will direct and supervise the Office of Business Development, act as the Director, Office of Native American Business Development, and shall report to the National Director.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, developing innovative solutions to minority business enterprise challenges; the Agency's network of funded organizations, i.e., Minority Business Development Agency Centers; and promotion of capital, management and market development initiatives.  The Associate Director also will direct and supervise the activities of the Office of Native American Business Development, ensure the coordination of federal programs that provide assistance for economic development, increased business, and the expansion of trade; and, promote Native American exports and trade to stimulate the demand for Indian goods and services. 

.01          The Office of Business Development shall:

a.            Provide the development, implementation and monitoring of programs designed to foster the growth of minority business enterprises; be responsible for Agency programs to include but are not limited to, the Minority Business Development Agency Centers, Portal Content, International Trade, Grant and Contract Management, and Access to Capital, Contracts, and Markets.

b.            Represent the Agency in various geographical areas and implement the Agency's strategic initiatives, programs, and policies; ensure the effective delivery of Agency programs and services; and, create and utilize enterprise development synergies by fostering strategic partnerships with the private sector and a network of financial award recipients. This synergy is used to promote and advocate for entrepreneurial enterprises.  The primary entrepreneurial responsibility is to "train the trainers," and, through "working" partnerships with universities, colleges, and businesses, to be prepared to provide business development expertise to the Agency's funded projects.

c.            Provide minority business assistance and support for the Agency's funded projects; and ensure that the Minority Business Development Agency Centers are provided the information and tools developed by the Agency to enhance their consulting services.

d.            Promote capital, management and market development initiatives to support and expand business enterprises; plan and develop national initiatives in such areas as industry sector development, alternative financing, and access to venture capital; and develop content for the Agency Portal that provides practical, product oriented tools and information to minority business enterprises. 

e.            Be responsible for the effective operation of all Agency-funded projects. The Performance Reporting System shall form the basis of the evaluation of the effectiveness of the funded projects and shall provide baseline information for identifying future minority business requirements.  The Office of Business Development shall operate with an entrepreneurial focus. Frequent interactions with business enterprises shall ensure the perseverance of the commitment to entrepreneurship.

f.             Establish strategic partnerships between minority businesses and large corporations, in accordance with established Agency authorities, to achieve broad market penetration and access to capital. 

g.            Identify opportunities for minority business enterprises to be informed about financial and market trends that impact the business environment.

h.            Serve as the primary adviser to the National Director on identification and adaptation of innovative products and processes to include design and evaluation of demonstration projects operated by other Agency offices and strategic partners.

.02          The Office of Native American Business Development shall ensure the coordination of Federal programs that provide assistance, including financial and technical assistance to eligible entities for increased business, the expansion of trade by eligible entities, and economic development on Indian lands.


The Associate Director for Management shall report to the National Director.  Responsibilities include the Agency's budget, financial management systems, program and administrative support, planning and evaluation; compliance and implementation of the Chief Financial Officers Act, the Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act, the Government Performance and Results Act, and the Freedom of Information Act.  The Associate Director oversees implementation of the financial management and performance responsibilities of the Office of Financial Management, Performance, and Program Evaluation and the human capital-related responsibilities of the Office of Administrative and Employee Support Services.

.01       The Office of Financial Management, Performance, and Program Evaluation shall:

a.         Be responsible for the Agency's budget formulation and implementation, financial management activities, internal control systems, and debt collection and resolution services related to Agency program and operations.

b.         Be responsible for managing the Strategic Planning and Business Enterprise Resources Planning processes.  Strategic Planning services will include the development, implementation and monitoring of MBDA’s strategic plan and an annual plan for providing management guidance and direction as well as project based planning and tasking services.  Additional areas of responsibility include developing and conducting a comprehensive, ongoing evaluation process to assess and improve the effectiveness of MBDA programs and related activities; and providing assistance to program managers in the development and improvement of performance measures.

c.         Focus on the efficient and automated collection of data pertaining to the Agency's program and administrative activities.  The electronic system designed to collect and report program data shall be based on requirements from the Government Performance and Results Act, and its amendments, and shall contain useful program development and improvement information.

.02       The Office of Administrative and Employee Support Services shall:

a.         Be responsible for the Agency’s administrative support to include overall administrative related activities as well as facility and logistical operations.

b.         Be responsible for all MBDA human capital-related activities which directly impact accomplishment of the goals and objectives of the Agency, fostering entrepreneurial innovation and creativity in its practices.  Activities include performing periodic analyses of skill set requirements as they relate to Agency initiatives to form the basis of recruitment, retention, succession planning, and training efforts; ensuring equal employment opportunities and that the workplace is free of discriminatory practices; cultivating a climate that appreciates and capitalizes upon workforce diversity; serving as liaison between the Agency and its servicing personnel office, and with prior consultation and approval by its servicing personnel office and where applicable, the Office of General Counsel, is the first line of response providing employee and management advisory services and administrative information concerning implementation of effective performance management system practices, employee relations, position management, and salary administration.


The Associate Director for Legislative, Education and Intergovernmental Affairs shall report to the National Director and be the principal adviser on legislative issues and Congressional relations and be responsible for liaison and coordination on matters regarding the Agency's relationships with the Congress, Congressional committees, and individual members and for liaison and coordination with State, county, municipal governments and their associations.  The Associate Director shall be responsible for the Agency's advocacy and outreach initiatives. 

.01       The Office of Legislative, Education and Intergovernmental Affairs shall:

a.         Be responsible for establishing and maintaining positive relations between the Agency and Members of Congress, the White House, the Office of Management and Budget and the Agency's coordination of congressional and intergovernmental activity with the Departmental Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs; developing and implementing an effective communication system that promotes the Agency and minority businesses; ensuring responsiveness to inquiries or requests for information, reports, or other assistance from Members of Congress and their staffs.

b.         Stay abreast of any and all legislation impacting the minority business community and provide analytical legislative/policy reports to the National Director; and manage all intergovernmental activities.

c.         Be responsible for the development and implementation of a program to disseminate information promoting minority business development to strategic partners operating within the minority business community.  This constituency outreach includes trade associations, the academic community, community development organizations, as well as Federal, state and local government officials.  Through national conferences such as Minority Enterprise Development Week, the Office shall implement educational and seminar programs on minority business development.

d.         As the Agency's knowledge center, conduct research, gather and analyze business, economic and other relevant data, and formulate recommendations to improve existing or proposed policies, programs, goals, and objectives in the areas of minority business enterprise and market development; conduct research tailored to the specific needs of Agency programs and activities for the purpose of advancing entrepreneurship and business development in the minority community.

e.         Analyze and develop national policies which affect minority business development; engage in constituency-building activities among public and private sector organizations, educational institutions, and business advocacy groups on behalf of the minority business community; and develop ongoing and special initiatives in cooperation with other Federal agencies to initiate and expand business educational information and technological interest in support of minority business enterprise.

f.          The Executive Secretariat serves as the central clearing point for all documents and correspondence directed to or issued by the Office of the National Director, including but not limited to letters from Congress, the White House and the Office of the Secretary addressed to staff; establishes and maintains high quality, timely and responsive internal and external communications and formulates standard formats for the "look and feel" of agency work products; maintains correspondence and policy files; and develops and implements a control system for the National Director's correspondence, project and implementation activity.  The system shall include review, edit, distribution, and dispatch of responses to correspondence, projects, and action memoranda to ensure deadlines are met.


This Order supersedes Department Organization Order 25-4B, dated September 24, 2012.

Signed by: National Director Minority Business Development Agency

Approved by: Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration

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