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Number: DOO 25-4A
Effective Date: 2003-03-25


.01 This Order prescribes the functions to the Minority Business Development Agency,
as prescribed by Executive Order 11625, dated October 13, 1971, as amended, entitled “Prescribing Additional Arrangements for Developing and Coordinating a National Program
for Minority Business Enterprise.”

.02 This revision changes the title of the Director to the National Director.

.03 This revision delegates the Secretary's authorities under the Native American Business Development, Trade Promotion, and Tourism Act of 2000 (Public Law 106-464) and the Indian Tribal Regulatory Reform and Business Development Act of 2000 (Public Law 106-447) to the National Director.


The Minority Business Development Agency (“MBDA”), is continued as a primary operating unit of the Department of Commerce. MBDA shall be headed by a National Director who
shall report and be responsible to the Secretary.


.01 Pursuant to the authority vested in the Secretary by law and subject to such policy and directives as may be prescribed, the National Director is hereby delegated the following authorities of the Secretary insofar as they apply to performing the functions assigned in this Order:

a. The authority under Executive Order 11625, as amended.

b. The authority in Public Law (P.L.) 106-464 relating to the Native American Business Development, Trade Promotion, and Tourism Act of 2000 and the responsibilities under Public Law 106-447 concerning the Indian Regulatory Reform and Business Development Act of 2000.

c. Other authorities of the Secretary pertinent to such functions.

.02 The National Director may delegate these authorities to any employee of MBDA subject to such conditions in the exercise of such authority as may be prescribed by the National Director.


The MBDA shall assist the Secretary in carrying out the functions under Executive Order
11625, as amended, and P.L. 106-464 and P.L. 106-447 by performing the following functions:

a. Facilitate the coordination, as consistent with law, of the plans, programs, and operations of the Federal Government which affect or may contribute to the establishment, preservation, and strengthening of minority business enterprise. For this purpose, it shall:

1. With the participation of other departments and agencies as appropriate, develop comprehensive plans and specific program goals for the minority enterprise program; establish regular performance monitoring and reporting systems to assure that goals are being achieved; and evaluate the impact of Federal support in achieving the objectives established by Executive Order 11625, as amended, and P.L. 106-464 and P.L. 106-447.

2. Propose to the Secretary the convening, for purposes of coordination, of meetings of the heads of such departments and agencies or their designees, whose programs or activities may affect or contribute to the purpose of Executive Order 11625, as amended, and P.L. 106-464 and P.L. 106-447.

3. Assist the Secretary in securing necessary action by such departments and agencies to discharge their responsibilities under Section 3 of Executive Order 11625, as amended, and P.L. 106-464 and P.L. 106-447.

4. Establish arrangements for reviewing, on a coordinated basis with the departments and agencies involved, all proposed Federal training and technical assistance activities in direct support of the minority enterprise program, to assure consistency with program goals and to avoid duplication.

b. Promote the mobilization of activities and resources of State and local governments, businesses and trade associations, universities, foundations, professional organizations, and volunteer and other groups towards the growth of minority business enterprises, and facilitate the coordination of the efforts of these groups with those of Federal departments and agencies. As deemed necessary and appropriate to carry out these responsibilities, it shall:

1. Convene business leaders, educators, and other representatives of the private sector who are engaged in assisting the development of minority business enterprise or who could contribute to its development, for the purpose of proposing, evaluating and coordinating governmental and private activities in furtherance of the objectives of Executive Order 11625, as amended, and P.L. 106-464 and P.L. 106-447.

2. Confer with and advise officials of State and local governments.

c. Operate a center for the development, collection, summarization, and dissemination of information that will be helpful to persons and organizations throughout the Nation in undertaking or promoting the establishment and successful operation of minority business enterprise.

d. Within constraints of law and appropriations therefor, provide financial assistance to public and private organizations so that they may render technical and management assistance to minority business enterprises, and defray all or part of the costs of pilot or demonstration projects conducted by public or private agencies or organizations which are designed to overcome the special problems of minority business enterprises or otherwise to further the purposes of the minority business enterprise program.

e. Establish policies, standards, definitions, criteria, and procedures appropriate and incident to the functions herein assigned to MBDA, and propose for the Secretary’s consideration such additional measures as determined to be necessary for the implementation, interpretation, and application of Executive Order 11625, as amended, and P.L. 106-464 and P.L. 106-447, or for otherwise achieving the purposes and carrying out the provisions of that Order, and P.L. 106-464 and P.L. 106-447.

f. After the close of each fiscal year, prepare (for the Secretary to transmit to the President) a full report of the Department’s activities under Executive Order 11625, as amended, during that year, and, from time to time, submit to the Secretary MBDA’s recommendations for legislation or other actions deemed desirable to promote the purposes of that Order.


This Order supersedes Department Organization Order 25-4A, dated August 23, 2001.

Signed by: Secretary of Commerce

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