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Number: DOO 15-20
Effective Date: 2018-12-21

Org Chart Available


.01       This Order prescribes the authority, functions and organizational structure of the Chief of Staff (COS).

.02       This revision adds the function of Senior Advisor to the Secretary to the duties of the COS; renames the "Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs" to the "Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations" under which a combined Office of Advance, Scheduling and Protocol is aligned; realigns the Executive Security Protection Unit from the Office of Security (Department Organization Order (DOO) 20-6, Director for Security) to report directly to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations; provides a separate Counsel to the Secretary with new Special Advisor to the Secretary for Space functions under the Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy; establishes an Office of Administration within the COS; clarifies that authorized personnel within the Office of the COS may provide legal counsel on specific matters as directed by the Secretary; and updates the Organizational Chart.


The organizational structure of the COS is as shown in the attached organization chart (Exhibit 1).


The COS reports to the Secretary of Commerce and is a Senior Advisor to the Secretary responsible for providing special advice, counsel, and direct support to the Secretary in administering the policies and operations of the Department of Commerce (the Department).  The COS shall be assisted by a Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and by a Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy.


The COS shall perform the following: 

a.         Direct the implementation of policy and program initiatives that are approved by the Secretary and exercise executive authority over the bureaus/operating units of the Department in overseeing the implementation and administration of new policies and programs.

b.         Provide managerial support to the Secretary in formulating, implementing and administering the policies and program operations of the Department.

c.         Coordinate actions required of the Department as a result of executive policy decisions and actions and serve as the Secretary's representative with other Federal agencies.

d.         Represent the Department at executive level conferences with other Federal agencies, the Congress, and private industry, with broad authority to commit the Department to specific courses of action.

e.         Provide managerial support on public affairs matters and the overall public information program of the Department.

f.          Provide managerial support in the performance of information and outreach activities directed at facilitating the business community's interaction with the Federal Government.

g.         Serve as the principal advisor on policy, planning, and operational matters regarding Schedule C and non-career executive positions of the Department. 

h.         Oversee all administrative functions of the Office of the Secretary, including special advice and direction to the Immediate Office of the Secretary.

i.          Provide special advice to the Secretary on matters involving Space.

j.          Provide special advice and legal counsel as authorized in coordination with the Office of General Counsel on specific matters as directed by the Secretary.

k.         Coordinate and provide, as requested and authorized, physical protection for the Secretary, visiting foreign officials, and official guests during Department functions.



The Director of Administration for the Office of the Secretary is delegated certain administrative authorities including consolidation, development and management of the budget process, financial record keeping and reporting requirements, and human resources authority for all offices which fall under the Chief of Staff. These duties include, but are not limited to, the monitoring of all personnel issues and processing of all personnel actions; administration of pay, bonuses, and incentives; leave and hours of work policies; payroll support and time and attendance controls; employee relations, benefits and services; employee recognition, morale and performance appraisal; and training and career development. Additionally, the Director of Administration shall prepare requests for travel, procurement and similar actions and shall monitor Office of the Secretary contract performance for goods and services.



.01       In addition to the authority implicit in and essential to carrying out the functions hereby assigned to the COS, the Executive Security Protection Unit shall:

a.         Exercise authorities vested in the Secretary, in collaboration with the Office of Security (DOO 20-6), as well as obtain other authority under law as necessary (such as special deputation from the United States Marshal) for the authorization to carry firearms and make arrests in order to perform the functions and responsibilities assigned to members of the Executive Security Protection Unit, within the Immediate Office of the Secretary.



The Office of the COS shall include:

  1. Office of Business Liaison (DOO 15-13);
  2. Executive Secretariat (DOO 15-1); 
  3. Office of Policy and Strategic Planning (DOO 15-22);
  4. Office of Public Affairs (DOO 15-3);
  5. Office of White House Liaison (DOO 15-18);
  6. Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations;
  7. Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy;
  8. Office of Advance, Scheduling and Protocol;
  9. Special Advisor to the Secretary for Space; 
  10. Office of Administration; and
  11. Executive Security Protection Unit.



This Order supersedes Department Organization Order 15-20, dated July 15, 2003.


Signed by: Secretary of Commerce

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