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Number: DOO 15-13
Effective Date: 1981-11-24


.01 This Order prescribes the functions of the Office of Business Liaison.

.02 This revision establishes the responsibility of the Office for Departmentwide planning and coordination of all formal contacts and relationships with business organizations, to include participation in the planning and coordination of advisory committee meetings. The revision also changes the reporting line of authority of the Office. Amendment 4 dated, October 14, 1992 changes the reporting line of authority of the Director from the Counselor to the Secretary to the Counsellor and Chief of Staff; and amendment 5 dated, September 2, 1994 abolishes the Office of Private Sector Initiatives. These amendments have been added to this Order.


"The Office of Business Liaison is hereby continued as a Departmental Office. The Office shall be headed by a Director who reports and is responsible to the Counsellor and Chief of Staff."


.01 The Office of Business Liaison shall function as the Department's liaison and coordination organization with the business community. In this capacity, the Office shall:

a. Provide a central point of contact and assistance within the Department for business representatives, firms, associations and organizations, including members of the small business community.

b. Provide outreach and consultation with the business community to obtain information for the Department on business needs and concerns; to promote business involvement in significant Department policymaking and program development; and to keep business aware of Department resources, policies and programs.

c. Plan and/or coordinate formal contacts between Departmental activities and business organizations, including all advisory committee meetings, except staff contacts normally made during the conduct of routine business.

d. Integrate Departmental productivity, competitive assessment, and strategic resources programs and policies into the business assistance activities of the Office to support an understanding on the part of the business community of the objectives and benefits of those programs and to promote active business participation in the programs.

e. Work through the field offices of other Departmental organizations to ensure that outreach and consultation is provided to local business firms and organizations.

f. Keep the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and other Department officials regularly informed of key issues of concern or interest to the business community where the Department has lead responsibility or should be otherwise involved.

g. Evaluate business reaction to policy initiatives and programs carried out by the Department and the Administration and provide policy recommendations to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and other key Department and Administration officials on these issues.

h. As appropriate, convene Department officials on significant matters of concern to the business community.

i. Coordinate Departmentwide actions concerning significant problems or activities affecting the business community.

j. Initiate actions or responses, in concert with the affected Department organizations to meet the needs of the business community or to implement Department policies and goals; and to assist with the delivery of services to members of the business community.

k. As appropriate, serve as the lead or staff unit on inter- or intra-Departmental task forces or groups concerned with business assistance or policy issues affecting business.

l. Perform other functions as assigned by the Secretary and Deputy Secretary.

.02 In carrying out its functions, the Office shall not represent, intervene in behalf of, or otherwise seek to assist business and individuals on specific regulatory matters, cases or issues before Federal agencies or Departments; nor shall it intervene, participate, or in any other way seek to influence the negotiation or renegotiation of the terms of any contract between a business or individual and the Government.


This Order supersedes Department Organization Order. 22-5 of January 1, 1980.

Signed by: Secretary of Commerce

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