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Number: DOO 15-1
Effective Date: 1995-08-23


.01 The purpose of this Order is to describe the functions and responsibilities of the Executive Secretariat.

.02 This revision deletes reference to the scheduling of meetings and hosting international events and generally updates the Order. Amendment 1 dated, November 13, 1995 adds the functions for preparing the Secretary's daily briefing book.


The Executive Secretariat is a staff office in the immediate Office of the Secretary. The Executive Secretariat shall be headed by a Director who shall report directly to the Secretary in carrying out the functions and responsibilities of the office described in Section 3.


The Executive Secretariat shall be the central coordinating unit of the Department responsible for performing the following specific duties:

a. Providing effective direction and control over incoming correspondence addressed to the Secretary or Deputy Secretary. This includes use of a record control system bringing proper items to their immediate attention, assigning action and information copies to appropriate persons or units, and setting due dates for replies and by whom.

b. Reviewing all material which comes to the Secretary or Deputy Secretary for approval and/or signature to assure that such materials are procedurally or otherwise in accordance with the rules, instructions and standards of the Department; and prepare the Secretary's daily briefing book."

c. Serving as the focal point for coordination of the volume of official material which requires the attention of the Secretary or Deputy Secretary. In this regard, the Executive Secretariat shall ensure that Secretarial Officers and heads of operating units are informed of, and given an opportunity to comment on, material affecting their organizations or functions.

d. Maintaining an accurate and current correspondence suspense system including timely follow up with Department officials on overdue correspondence. The Executive Secretariat shall keep the Secretary or Deputy Secretary informed concerning the status of high priority documents. The Executive Secretariat shall also ensure that reports to Congress which require the attention of the Secretary or Deputy Secretary reach them in ample time for their review. (DAO 218-3 prescribes procedures and responsibilities for statutory reports to Congress.)

e. Advising principal officials of the Department of Secretarial actions or decisions affecting their area of responsibility, and sharing applicable information with them that has been provided to the Secretary.

f. Maintaining the Secretary's and Deputy Secretary's files to ensure that correspondence, files, and other data are properly categorized and secured in compliance with Department procedures, are effectively retrievable, and are retired or otherwise disposed of in accord with law.

g. Providing administrative support services to the immediate Office of the Secretary pertaining to functions such as office coverage, coordination of activity under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act, preparation of personnel actions, maintaining time and attendance records and records covering the participation in politically related activities.

h. Coordinating the use of the Secretary's dining room and managing the dining room fund, making disbursements and collections as appropriate, in accord with Department Administrative Order 203-3. The Executive Secretariat shall also maintain control over the obtaining and use of the official supply of beverages used at official functions.

i. Purchasing or providing gifts and maintaining records on official gift giving and inventories and disposition of received gifts, in accord with applicable law, for the immediate Office of the Secretary.

j. Perform such other functions as the Secretary and Deputy Secretary may assign.


.01 Operating units of the Department shall cooperate to the fullest extent with the Executive Secretariat in carrying out its central coordinating functions in the areas of Secretarial correspondence and protocol as prescribed in this Order.

.02 Correspondence and other materials directed to addressees within or outside the Department which are submitted for the attention or action of the Secretary or Deputy Secretary shall be routed through the Executive Secretariat for coordination and control.


This Order supersedes Department Organization Order 15-1, dated May 23, 1977, as amended.

Signed by: Secretary of Commerce

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