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Number: DAO 206-3
Effective Date:  2021-05-03


    .01 This Order provides policy and procedures for ensuring uniform signs in the corridors and common areas of the Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB) and serves as the primary document for the development and implementation of a comprehensive signage and wayfinding system located at the HCHB.

    .02 This Order identifies types and standards for signs located within the HCHB’s corridors and common areas, prescribes the use of signs, provides procedures for obtaining sign approval, specifies the format and printed information for permanent signs, and imposes restrictions.

    .03 This revision provides a general update to the Order and incorporates the HCHB Renovation 21st Century open office requirements.


    .01 Common Areas – areas of the HCHB that are open and accessible for use by all occupants.

    .02 Permanent Sign or Signage – permanently mounted or freestanding sign intended to remain in place three (3) months or longer.

    .03 Sign – electronic or physical display used to convey information.

    .04 Signage – a system of signs sharing a common category or purpose (e.g., those showing office location, wayfinding, or emergency information, including displays denoting corridors, elevators, stairs, closets, mechanical rooms, fire extinguishers, rest rooms, conference rooms, vending areas, locator maps and exits).

    .05 Temporary Sign or Signage – individual sign not part of an established system (e.g., a poster, event notice, or award), or intended to be displayed less than three (3) months (e.g., temporary room numbers, names, emergency or wayfinding displays). This does not include common areas bulletin boards.


    .01 All signs and signage in common areas, such as building entrance lobbies, elevator lobbies, and corridors, shall be regulated to ensure uniformity in appearance, quality and to protect and enhance historic architectural elements.

    .02 All signs and signage are to conform to the standards set forth in this Order or have a DAO 206-3 approved exception authorized in writing by the HCHB Building Manager, Office of Facilities and Environmental Quality (OFEQ), Chief, Building Management Division. Any unauthorized signs or signage will be removed at the expense of the offending Operating Unit.

    .03 Any new permanent signs or signage must be Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, per guidelines provided at: https://www.ada.gov/regs2010/2010ADAStandards/2010ADAstandards.htm#marker-1009000.

    .04 All signs and signage are to be compliant with applicable Federal laws and regulations, codes, and requirements, including, but not limited to, the Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standard (ABAAS) (see 41 C.F.R. § 102-76.65), International Building Code (IBC), and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101. If there is an inconsistency between the ADA and a law, regulation, code, or requirement, the Office of General Counsel shall be consulted.


    .01 All permanent and temporary common area signs and signage are to conform with the specifications set out in the HCHB Signage Guidelines Style Book that is maintained by the Mail and Multimedia Division within the Office of Space and Building Management. All requests for signs and signage not specified in the HCHB Signage Guidelines Style Book are to be provided in writing to the HCHB Building Manager, who is responsible for approving design consistency, dimensional requirements, production specifications and installation location details and procedures.

    .02 Office door signage is only authorized for Office Directors, Senior Executive Service level executives or above, Scientific Job Classifications, and Special Assistants in the Immediate Office of the Secretary. A waiver for an exception to this policy can be sent to the Director, OFEQ for approval.

    .03 Signs and signage internal to offices are at the discretion of the appropriate Operating Unit leadership. Signs and signage located in the open office/cubicle areas of the renovated portions of the HCHB are to conform to the prescribed standards assigned in the HCHB Signage Guidelines Style Book.

    .04 New permanent signs and signage shall be procured and installed by OFEQ when an internal HCHB organizational relocation occurs as a result of the renovation or other forced moves. Operating Units are responsible for procuring and updating signs and signage as a result of internal office reconfigurations or moves. Temporary or paper amended door signs are not permitted, except as specified in the HCHB Signage Guidelines Style Book for renovated offices.

    .05 Alpha-numeric room designations shall not be changed or removed from the specified installed sign holders except by OFEQ.

    .06 Requests for new signs and signage, temporary and permanent, are to be submitted to OFEQ, Chief, Mail and Multimedia Division via an SF-1 Printing and Binding Requisition form. OFEQ shall:

      a. Evaluate all requests for eligibility, accuracy, printing technology requirements, design, and graphic aesthetics;
      b. Approve or disapprove the request and notify the originator; and
      c. If the request is approved, prepare a work order for an acquisition action.

    .07 All new signs and signage are to be installed by Building Management Division, OFEQ.


    .01 No temporary or permanent sign, signage or decals shall be posted on any floor, wall, door or other place in HCHB corridors and common areas unless approval has been obtained in writing from the HCHB Building Manager. Displays not in compliance with this restriction shall be removed. All approved signs that require installation shall be installed by OFEQ. Offices not in compliance with this requirement may be charged for any damage caused by the installation or removal of signs as provided herein.

    .02 No stripes, murals, printed material or other decorative displays shall be placed on corridor walls without prior approval from the HCHB Building Manager.

    .03 No overhead or ceiling-mounted signs are permitted in the newly renovated areas, which have been restored to the original historic condition.

    .04 Operating Units are prohibited from changing the color scheme and formatting of common area signs or signage.


    .01 Director, OFEQ shall maintain oversight of all temporary and permanent signs and signage in the HCHB. The Director shall:

      a. Standardize size, color, and design criteria for all signs in the HCHB in accordance with Exhibits 1, 2 and 3;

      b. Adjudicate waiver requests to door sign names; and
      c. Adjudicate requests for reconsideration of determinations made by the HCHB Building Manager for non-standard signs.

    .02 Associate Director, Office of Space and Building Management (OSBM), OFEQ shall:

      a. Procure permanent signs and signage outside of General Services Administration (GSA) and Office of Building Renovation’s requirements;
      b. Maintain and install all temporary and permanent building signs and signage in common areas;
      c. Fund all new or changed common area signs and signage, except those for Operating Units; and
      d. Procure temporary and permanent signs and signage for Operating Units when requested, on a cost-reimbursable basis.

    .03 HCHB Building Manager shall:

      a. Approve or disapprove requests for non-standard signs, based on the criteria in the Policy section of this Order; and
      b. Remove all non-conforming or unauthorized signs.

    .04 Associate Director, Office of Building Renovation (OBR), OFEQ shall:

      a. Procure all initial tenant improvement signs (standard sign packages) and signage for newly GSA-renovated common area space in the HCHB, including Operating Unit signs and signage, in accordance with the specifications set by the HCHB Building Manager and this Order; and
      b. Coordinate with the OSBM on requests to provide non-standard signs in newly GSA renovated common areas, prior to the hand over from GSA to DOC.

    .05 Heads of Operating Units shall:

      a. Provide modular signage requirements to OBR for printing the middle and lower section paper inserts before accepting GSA renovated space; and
      b. Update and maintain Operating Unit signs and signage in common areas.


    This Order supersedes Department Administrative Order 206-3, dated June 14, 2004.

    Signed by: Director for Office of Facilities and Environmental Quality

    Approved by: Acting Deputy Secretary

    Office of Primary Interest: Office of Facilities and Environmental Quality


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    Exhibit 3

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May 11, 2021