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On January 21, 2009, President Obama issued the first executive memorandum of his Administration, entitled “Transparency and Open Government.”  This memorandum established three guiding principles for the conduct of government activities. Government should be transparent.  Government should be participatory.  Government should be collaborative.


The Department of Commerce (the Department) is committed to the principles of Open Government, and we are pleased to present this release of the 2018-2020 Department of Commerce Open Government Plan, version 6.0 (the Plan).  The Plan represents our continued commitment to greater openness, transparency and accountability, strengthening democracy through driving innovation and economic opportunities, as well as meaningful civic engagement and public participation. 


This version of the Plan highlights how we have put our commitment to Open Government into practice. It includes innovative, forward-looking approaches to information access and dissemination, and the adoption of new tools and technology that help enable the principles of Open Government—transparency, participation, and collaboration.

We continue to be a leader in Open Government across the Federal government by encouraging and striving for increased participation and collaboration among our employees, external government agencies, and the American people. Our mission to create the conditions for economic growth and opportunity are achieved with a mindset of openness that is shared by our 13 different bureaus and operating units (BOUs).


This Plan includes progress updates from our BOUs on previously reported Open Government initiatives that support the core mission of the Department. Our “What’s New” section describes new and expanded initiatives.


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Current Plan Version 7.0 - Published 2022

OMB Guidance for 2016 Plan

Bi-annual Retrospective Review Report (July 5, 2016)

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