Office of Real Property Programs


The mission of the Office of Real Property Programs (ORPP) is to coordinate DoC implementation of Government-wide programs for the acquiring, managing, utilizing, and disposing of real property; provides technical advice and assistance to DoC operating units; develops, coordinates, and maintains the Department’s real property acquisition and management policies;  leads planning and implementation of facility consolidation and cost saving initiative projects; develops policies establish real property requirements and develops procedures to implement DoC real property policies; manages the DoC Real Property Contracting Officer warrant program; manages DoC's Real Property Contracting Officer workforce career development, provides acquisition advice, and establishes contracting authority;  prepares and coordinates with operating units their OMB A-54 exhibit for future rent budget estimates;  coordinates HCHB monthly rent and any planned rent changes with operating units budget points of contacts; acts as real property contracting officers for lease acquisitions or GSA assignments for operating units without these officers; participates in DoC reviews of prospectus level projects; manages real property utilization; serves as nationwide data manager for the Federal Real Property Management System; coordinates the submission of the annual summary to the Federal Real Property Profile to GSA and other special and recurring reports in all areas of responsibility; and, serves as liaison with GSA, FEMA,  and other federal agencies on real property program matters.


Provide stellar service, leadership, expertise, and advice in the development, acquisition, and realighnment of DOC real property assets.


  • Establishes and oversees implementation of space allocation standards. (under review)
  • Oversees Department’s real property inventory system, Federal RPM ( link)
  • Leads reporting of inventory data to General Services Administration (GSA) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  (FRPP link)
  • Develop and maintain real property policy and provide oversight of this policy for the Senior Real Property Officer.   (RPMM link)
  • Maintains and oversees the warranting of real property contracting officers and their continuing education. (Handbook link)
  • Responsible for the development and reporting of the Real Property Cost Savings and Innovation Plan.  (President’s memo and
  • Works with Bureaus regarding requirement for projects subject to review Milestone Review Board thresholds and project justification for the annual budget. (link to framework eventually)
  • Develops and maintains algorithm for allocating Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB) monthly rent.
  • Leads preparation and coordination of the annual Department-wide rent budget exhibit for OMB.  
  • Coordinate development and any changes to Occupancy Agreements for HCHB space with Office of Executive Budget and Bureaus.    
  • Acts as subject matter expert and consultant to Bureaus and Offices on real property and real estate matters.
  • Leads and manages the Real Property Working Group (RPWG link)

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