Office of Space and Building Management (OSBM)


To provide oversight of building and facility services within the Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB).


The HCHB was constructed in 1932 and was the largest office building in the world at that time (1.8 million square feet). The building houses approximately 3,500 employees and is one of the historical landmarks in the center of Washington D.C. The Office of Space and Building Management consists of the following three divisions:

Building Management (extension 2-1340)

Provides routine and emergency repair services to maintain and operate the HCHB heating, ventilation, cooling, electrical, plumbing, and elevator systems. In addition, the division performs minor plaster, painting, and carpentry projects and repairs. 

Facilities Services (extension 2-3555)

Provides janitorial services, landscaping, food services, trash removal, and pest control. In addition, the division coordinates reservations for OAS conference rooms, auditorium, and lobby. U.S. Department of Commerce employees may submit room reservation requests by email at or through the HCHB intranet website at

Space Management (extension 2-1348)

Provides space management services which includes design, cost estimates, schedules, space planning, construction, and procurement of carpet, furniture, and draperies. In addition, the division monitors and oversees the assignment of space in order to generate accurate occupancy data used to authorize financial reimbursements to the General Services Administration for spaces occupied at the HCHB.

Mail and Multi-media (extension 2-4447)

This division provides HCHB mail services, oversees the DOC nation-wide mail management program, provides printing, binding, and related services, serves as the HCHB liaison with the Joint Committee on Printing and the Government Printing Office, and provides oversight for the establishment and use of seals, emblems, and logos.

Parking (extension 2-1340)

OSBM manages assignment of HCHB parking.  

Transit Benefits (extension 2-1178)

OSBM manages the employee transit benefit program for the Office of the Secretary and provides policy advice to Operating Units.


Office of Facilities and Environmental Quality
Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce

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