Real Property Dasher

Since President Obama took office, his administration has strived to make information about how government works more available to the public and one of his first executive action was the Open Government Memorandum which calls for a more transparent, participatory and collaborative government.  In August 2010, in advance of the 2010 GPRA Modernization Act, the Office of Management and Budget launched, a central website with dashboards to track key performance metrics of federal agencies.  The dashers are wonderful tools used to visualize performance data and their effectiveness depends on how organizations use them.  DOC uses the dashers to enhance internal performance and external accountability and transparency.  The ORPP dashers below, in particular demonstrates our initiatives. Also this initiative meets the division goals in providing directions to bureaus and units to ensure financial accountability in real estate programs.

The Real property Cost Savings dasher is a DOC wide initiative and demonstrates the President’s aforementioned mandate through elimination of waste through disposal of unneeded properties, reduction of underutilized space, and the restacking and reconfiguring space to house additional employees and through consolidation. The DOC goal is 10,000,000 cumulative for FY 2011 and FY 2012. DOC has met and exceeded its goal six months ahead of the deadline. This effort serves all aspects of the Division’s mission, primarily in providing national leadership to developing and implementing effective policies on property acquisition and utilization. In fact, as of march 2012, DOC accumulated savings have surpassed the $10,000,000 by $200,000 as demonstrated by the dashers below:

Real Property Dasher


Office of Facilities and Environmental Quality
Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce

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