Climate Adaptation Planning

The Department issued a Policy Memorandum, June 1, 2011, entitled, Addressing Climate Change Impacts at the Department of Commerce in Operations and Programs. The memorandum prescribes policies and establishes responsibilities and procedures for the Department to follow for integrating climate change adaptation planning and actions into Departmental operations, policies, and programs. Looking forward, the Department's goal is to incorporate Climate Adaptation into all of its processes. For facilities in particular, that involves developing mitigation strategies where needed and making Climate Adaptation an integral part of infrastructure investment planning. More information regarding climate change adaptation can be found on the site:

Here are a few Climate Adaptation Planning Facts:

(1) The Department's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Action Plan is due June 29, 2012 as an attachment to the Strategic Sustainability Plan. The FY 2013 Planned Actions include sections on (A) Economic Growth, (B) Science and Information, (C) Environmental Stewardship, (D) Operational Excellence, and (E) Infrastructure, Facilities and Operations Management.

The Department will screen its real property assets, both owned and leased.

(2) NOAA is finalizing a climate vulnerability screening process fully compliant with EO 13514 and adaptive for DOC use.

(3) Initial screenings are limited to Owned and Mission Critical properties.

The memorandum was followed by Departmental Administrative Order 216-19 issued August 31, 2011 that declared, “It is the policy of the Department to undertake comprehensive climate change adaptation planning in order to ensure that the Department fulfills its mission and maintains its programs and operations in a changing climate.”

The DAO established a Commerce Climate Change Adaptation Committee charged with developing a Departmental Climate Adaptation Plan for submission to the Council on Environmental Quality by June 2012. is the Federal government's home for comprehensive environmental stewardship and compliance assistance information, including Climate Adaptation. The site is publicly available and provides announcements, current events and information on new programs. No cost membership is available to Federal agency personnel and offers a more detailed climate change menu to support Federal agency climate adaptation planning. Please feel free to explore the site as it pertains to Climate Adaptation:

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