Frequently Asked Questions

Building and Space Management:

  • Who should I call for building maintenance and repairs in the HCHB?  Please call:
    • Building Management Division, extension 1340, for assistance with heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, and elevators.
    • Facilities Services Division, extension 3555, for assistance with cleaning services,  food services, meeting room reservations, and pest control
    • Space Management Division, extension 1348, for assistance with office alterations, refurbishments, and furniture.
  • Who do I call if I detect unusual odors or excessive and disruptive noise?
    • If you believe the issue is life threatening, call the HCHB emergency number 22222.  Otherwise please call Building Management, extension 21340.
  • How do I get a picture or whiteboard hung in my office?
    • Submit a Work Request form CD-410 to the Building Management office in room 1323.
  • Who do I call to replace lost keys to my desk or systems furniture?
    • Call the Space Management Division, extension 21348.
  • Who do I call for mail, printing, and related services?
    • Call the Mail and Multi-media Division, extension 21348.

Sustainable Energy and Environmental Programs:

  • Where can I find guidance on energy and environmental programs within the Department of Commerce?
    • Department Administrative Order (DAO 217-16) and the Energy and Environmental Management Manual (E&EMM) contain guidance on energy and environmental programs and can be found on the Office of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Program’s (OSEEP) documents page.
  • How can I nominate a Department of Commerce individual or team for an energy or environmental stewardship award?
    • Guidance on the Department of Commerce’s Energy and Environmental Stewardship award program is available on OSEEP’s awards program page.  The award nomination form is also available on-line and can be completed and submitted on-line as well.
  • How is the Department of Commerce doing on energy and environmental sustainability goals?
  • What are the Commerce Operating Units (OU) doing in the field of energy and environmental stewardship?
    • Copies of OSEEP’s Quarterly Newsletters highlight efforts by each of the OUs and can be found on OSEEP’s newsletter page.
  • If I have a great idea to help conserve energy across the Department or help the Department become a better steward of the environment, how can I get involved?
    • Join the HCHB Green Team.  Send an email to with your contact information.

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