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Commerce Business Environment

The systems supporting the DoC acquisition business processes have changed significantly during the past several years. New systems have become instrumental in implementing the new eCommerce, eMarketplace and eGovernment initiatives within the Department. CASD is positioned in the center of many Information Technology (IT) initiatives. The CSTARS Program, though largely successful, needs to be expanded in order to meet new requirements. In 2006, the Department of Commerce will seek to modernize their current acquisition systems and business processes while ensuring compliance with all Federal legislation and initiatives, such as Integrated Acquisition Environment and the OAM IT Governance Board Members. The integration of these acquisition-related systems into a single, portal-like, web-based solution will be called the Commerce Business Environment (CBE). Some of the CBE is currently in place (Corporate Systems, Integrated Acquisition Environment, and the Acquisition Reporting tool). Other parts are "under construction."
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