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Department of Commerce
Personal Identity Verification Training


September 2005


1.   To introduce you to your role as “Sponsor” in the Department of Commerce (DOC) Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Program

2.  As a Sponsor, you are required to complete this training

What is PIV?

1.   The PIV process provides a commonly accepted identification card and reliable form of secure identification for all Federal employees that:

a.  Is issued based on sound criteria for verifying an individual’s identity
b.  Is strongly resistant to identity fraud, tampering, counterfeiting and terrorist exploitation
c.   Can be rapidly authenticated electronically
d.  Is only issued by providers whose reliability has been established

2.  A PIV card will allow entrance to DOC facilities and will provide more efficient access to other Federal buildings

Sponsor Role and Requirements

3.  As a Sponsor, you substantiate the need and request the issuance of a PIV card to the Applicant (a current or prospective employee or contractor)

4.  To be a Sponsor, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

a.  Be a U.S. Government official and be authorized in writing by the agency to request a PIV card
b.  Be a US citizen or US national
c.   Have valid justification for requesting a PIV card for the Applicant
d.  Be in a position of responsibility for the agency
e.  Have already been issued a valid PIV card
f.     Have a favorably completed background investigation (NACI or higher)
g.  Have successfully completed PIV Sponsor training


1.  You will:

a.  Be familiar with your PIV Card Issuing Facility (PCIF) Operations Plan
b.  Complete and sign a PIV Request Form for each Applicant
c.   Determine the appropriate background investigation documents, according to position sensitivity
d.  Direct the Applicant to the Office of Security (OSY) website to access and complete the Applicant training module, background investigation forms, and Section 1 of the I-9 form

2.  If the Applicant is in your vicinity:

a.  Instruct the Applicant to report to you in person with two forms of identification (ID) (one must be a Federal or State photo ID)
b.  Identity-proof the Applicant by visually inspecting, validating, and copying the two forms of ID and by verifying that the photo on the ID documents is that of the Applicant
c.   Complete and sign Section 2 of the I-9 form

3.  If the Applicant is remote to your location:

a.  Send the PIV Request Form to the Enrollment Official, and send to the Applicant two fingerprint cards.
b.  Instruct the Applicant to report in person to an Enrollment Official with two forms of identification (ID) (one must be a Federal or State photo ID), the I-9 form, the completed background investigation forms, fingerprint cards, a passport-quality photo, and the PIV training certificate
c.   Receive completed documents from the Enrollment Official

4.  Finally, you will:

a.  Review background investigation and other documents for completeness and signatures; forward them to the Registrar
b.  Inform the Applicant of his or her rights and responsibilities, Privacy Act information, and appeals process
c.   Notify the Applicant of background investigation results, when received

PIV Privacy, Security, and Protection

1.  You have a responsibility to contribute to privacy, security, and protection of the PIV Program.

2.  By Title 18 of the U.S. Code, it is a Federal offense to counterfeit, alter, or misuse the PIV card and system.

3.  Your primary contribution to the privacy, security, and protection of the PIV system is to follow all FIPS 201 and DOC guidelines on handling personal Information in Identifiable Form (IIF).


1.  Your key functions include:

a.  Initiating and submitting a PIV Request Form
b.  Informing the Applicant of training requirements, forms to complete, rights and responsibilities, and other actions to be taken
c.   Identity proofing Applicants in their vicinity
d.  Reviewing all documentation for correctness and completeness
e.  Forwarding all documentation to the Registrar
f.     Notifying the Applicant of background investigation results

Where to go for help

1.  Personnel

a.  DOC Agency Identity Management Official - 202-482-4637
b.  DOC Agency Official for Privacy – 202-482-4797
c.   DOC PIV Card Applicant Representative - 202-482-5772

2.  Documents

a.  DOC PIV-I Compliance Implementation Handbook
b.  Local PCIF Operations Plan (Appendix A)

3.  Web Sites

a. (Office of Security)
b. (Privacy Act of 1974)

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If you have questions about or need assistance with this training, please contact the Office of Security at or 202-482-8116.


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