Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP) Self-Assessment

An Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP) is an essential part of an emergency management program. Properly developed plans can reduce the risk to personnel, property, and other assets while minimizing work disruption in the event of an emergency. Chapter 7 of the Department of Commerce (DOC) Security Manual provides guidelines and guidance regarding the Occupant Emergency Plan and the OEP Self-Assessment.

Per Chapter 7, the DOC Designated Official or Senior Manager in each facility/complex is required to complete an annual review of that facility/complex’s OEP and complete a self-assessment of that OEP, available through this Webpage. Electronic access to the completed self-assessment is given to the Bureau/Operating Unit Representative responsible for attesting that the OEP has been reviewed, has been tested, is adequate, identifies any shortcomings, and outlines a corrective path of action with a timeline for necessary modifications.

Instructions for DOC Designated Official or Senior Manager Responsible for Completing Self-Assessment of the OEP:

1. In preparation for the self-assessment, print-out the following worksheet that to help you gather the necessary information before completing the online self-assessment. (Note: this is only a worksheet. The self-assessment can only be completed online using the link provided below).

Click the following link for the self-assessment WORKSHEET.

Required information includes:
• Facility/complex number (if you are not sure of the exact number, please contact the Emergency Operations Center by phone at 202-482-5100 or by email at eoc@doc.gov).
• Facility/complex location (city, state)

2. To access the SELF-ASSESSMENT, please click on the following link:

Please note that you will be leaving the Department of Commerce website to conduct the survey at

3. Once you have completed and submitted the online self-assessment, the appropriate Bureau/Operating Unit Representative will be notified that the self-assessment is ready for his/her review.

4. If the Bureau/Operating Unit Representative needs additional information before the complex/facility self-assessment can be approved, you will receive an e-mail detailing what information is needed, along with the link to re-enter the online self-assessment.

Instructions for Bureau/Operating Unit Representative Responsible for Certifying Adequacy of the OEP:

1. Upon receipt of your name as a Bureau/Operating Unit Representative for OEP Review, the Emergency Operations Center staff will send you your own log-in and password for the website through which you can access any OEP self-assessments that are ready for your review and approval. These self-assessments must be approved within 30 calendar days of submission for review, after which the data will expire from the system.

When you have self-assessments waiting for your review, you will receive weekly reminders via e-mail that contain the link to the review webpage. You can go straight to that webpage by clicking REVIEW SITE.

2. When reviewing a self-assessment of a complex’s/facility’s OEP, carefully examine the responses to each question. At the end of the online self-assessment, you will be asked to certify the adequacy of the OEP for the specified complex/facility by indicating that you give your approval to the self-assessment.

3. You may find that you require additional information before you can approve the self-assessment. If so, you will be given the opportunity to indicate what information you need. This information will be relayed to the DOC Designated Official/Senior Manager, who will be able to make necessary edits and resubmit the self-assessment for your review and approval.

•  Self-assessment Worksheet

For further information, please contact:
Emergency Operations Center
Office of Security, Department of Commerce
1401 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC



US Department of Commerce, Office of Security
Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB)
1401 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20230

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