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Access to Jeffersonville Federal Center/
National Processing Center

What should I do if I left my badge at home?
Any employee not possessing a badge will need to report to Building 66, center wing (Post 1) to be issued a Temporary Employee Badge. First they will have to be verified, by showing a picture ID to the guard, which matches name on employee listing. During normal working hours (7am-4:30pm), any employee not possessing a picture ID will have to report to Building 66, Room 102, the Security Operation Center (SOC) and be verified on the Access Control System before proceeding to Post 1 to be issued badge. After normal working hours employees will be verified and be issued a badge at the SOC.

How can I gain access for my children/family to visit my work site or contact me?
Children/family of employees are not allowed to enter your work site, unless they are employees of the National Processing Center (NPC). Children/family are allowed entrance into the NPC for retirement parties and special functions (Gold/Silver/Bronze Medal ceremonies, etc) with special permission from the NPC Division Chief. Their escort will be issued badges from the Office of Security (OSY) to distribute to them.

How can I be contacted in the event of an emergency?
Report to Human Resources, Building 66, Room 113 or call 812-218-3550.

Who can issue Temporary Visitor Passes?
Office of Security employees (Building 66, Room 110) may issue a Temporary Visitors Pass.

I am a Census employee, can I enter the NPC after my normal shift?
NPC employees are allowed to enter/exit the NPC up to 30 minutes prior to or after, their normal work shift. Any admittance before or after these times requires prior approval from their Branch Chief.

If I have a visitor coming to visit me at work, how can I get that person in to see me?
All Official Visitors needing badges, which are scheduled on the Visitors list, must check in with OSY (Building 66, Room 110) and meet their escort before starting their visit. Visitors may be scheduled by email to: Janice.M.Coleman@Census.Gov

I am going to have a visitor or contractor after hours. How do I get the visitor or contractor in to see me?
First, you need to complete a form BC-120, Request for Visitors Admittance to Census. This form must be signed by the Branch Chief or the Contracting Officers Technical Representative (COTR) and forwarded to OSY prior to the scheduled visit. Then, it will be processed and forwarded to the SOC and the mobile guard. You can meet your visitor or contractor in Building 66, Room 102, at the SOC. After the SOC Operator issues them a badge, you can escort them into NPC authorized buildings. Additional clearances may be necessary, contact Customer Security Services Office on 812-218-3595 for more information.

When is access denied to the NPC?
If an individual does not meet the requirements of a need to be here and does not have an authorized form of identification (ID) and/or cannot be verified by a badged co-worker or a Contracting Office Technical Representative (COTR), then access will be denied. An authorized form of identification is an official Commerce Building Pass, or a government issued identification with a picture. No guard shall allow any person to pass his/her post without proper ID.

Can I obtain a pass for someone who drops me off and picks me up?
A pass is not necessary for someone who drops off someone who is temporarily or permanently physically disabled, BUT prior approval from the Office of Security is necessary and the person must remain in sight of the guard.

Who must sign in or out after hours?
All personnel entering and/or exiting any building during secure hours are required to sign in or out at the SOC, Building 66, Room 102, unless they are on a BC-120. Secure hours are 5:30 PM through 6:30 AM, Monday through Friday excluding holidays and twenty-four hours on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

What is the purpose of these Sign-In/Out Sheets?
These sign-in/out sheets are used in the event of an emergency and should we need to evacuate the building, we know who is in what area.

Who has access to the Sign-In/Out Sheets?
All requests to review the official Sign-In/Out Sheets must be made by a Branch Chief and above. This request must be made through the Office of Security, Regional Security Officer’s Office at (812) 218-3445, Building 66, Room 104.

Last Revised: 8/14/2006

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