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 How to Certify a Security Clearance to Another Agency

A Visitation Authorization and Clearance Certification Request form CD-414 must be initiated by DOC employees or contractors  whenever they plan to visit other government agencies or facilities in the United States where verification of investigation is required. This form must be completed by the visitor and the security office, signed by the supervisor and the NOAA Security Officer, and forwarded to the visit site at least 10 working days prior to the visit or period of certification.  The form must be typed.  The form is available by visiting Security at  Visit Authorization Form. A complete sample is attached.

1.  The employee (visitor) should complete the following blocks on the CD-414:

  • To (Complete Name, Address, Phone/FAX number of organization to be visited)
  • From (Requestor=s Organization, Address, and Phone/FAX number)
  • Visitor(s) Last name, first name, middle initial and Social Security Number
  • Date and Place of Birth (list city and state, or city and country)
  • Courier (if applicable, list Courier Authorization Card (CD-75) number)
  • Purpose of Visit (Include reason for needing access to classified material)
  • Date(s) of Visit or Certification (Not to exceed one year)
  • Required level of clearance (e.g., none, secret, or top secret) Some agencies require investigation type and date to enter facility.
  • Point(s) of Contact (Who in the other agency needs the security clearance data)
  • Remarks (if applicable) ( Any additional information related to the visit)
  • Requestor (Name of individual requesting visit authorization)
  • Office/Division (of requestor)
  • Date (Date form is completed)

2.  The supervisor must complete the Need to Know certification to include:

  • Name/Title
  • Signature
  • Date/Phone number

3.  The Security Office will complete the remainder of the CD-414:

  • Clearance level/Date Clearance Granted/Basis for Clearance/Citizen
  • Security Officer Certification (Name/Title)
  • Signature
  • Date/Phone number

Upon completion of the CD-414, the NOAA Security Office will forward it to the appropriate agency.


Personnel with SCI access, will have their clearances transmitted by this office by calling (301) 713-2767 or (301) 713-9066.


 How to Dispose of Surplus Security Containers

The following procedures must be followed before a security container (safe), previously containing classified material, can be declared surplus property.  Failure to do so may result in classified material being inadvertently left in the container posing the risk of a security violation.
·Notify the Office of Security at NOAA 713-0954, or by e-mail at,  that a security container has been identified for surplus.

1. Carefully search inside, behind, and under all drawers to ensure that classified material and other material is not left in the container. 

2. Reset the combination to the factory setting or remove the lock as appropriate.    

3. Post a notice indicating the date the security container was checked to ensure all classified material was removed, the name of the person conducting the check, and the unit and office last using the security container. 

4. Verify that the container is not needed within NOAA.

1. Complete a CD-50, Personal Property Control form. 
2. Forward the completed CD-50 to the NOAA Warehouse. 

  • The movers will ensure the security container identified as surplus is removed from the room and disposed of properly.



US Department of Commerce, Office of Security, 1401 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20230
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