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Open Government Plan - Conclusion

VI.     Conclusion

The Department of Commerce is committed to the principles of Open Government established by President Obama:  transparency, participation and collaboration.  It will build on its long history of information dissemination and adopt new tools and technology available to make its actions, decisions and information more transparent and accessible to the American people.  It will continue to encourage and strive for increased participation among its employees, with other government agencies and by the American people. 

This plan represents just the beginning of a continuing journey – a journey toward a more fully open and effective Department of Commerce.  As implementation proceeds, the team of open government collaborators will grow both internally and externally.  Commerce will continue to make public its ideas and plans to become more open on the Open Government website – – and to seek input from stakeholders to help in achieving that objective.

Commerce invites the American public to join in as the Department moves toward a more collaborative, effective provider of government services and information.


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