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Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Blog by Mark Crace


BISThe Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) works to advance U.S. national security, foreign policy, and economic objectives by ensuring an effective export control and treaty compliance system while promoting continued U.S. strategic technology leadership.  BIS’ primary concern is the security of the United States.  


One of the biggest challenges with the mission of BIS is to secure technology while providing open communications with the public and the industrial community affected.  In taking on this challenge, BIS has adopted a more open government policy by developing an effective outreach program to keep the public informed of current and upcoming export control rules and initiatives.  This program works to keep information flowing that is of importance to the community.  The Assistant Secretary for Export Administration conducts weekly teleconferences updating the public in the Export Control Reform (ECR) Initiative and fields ECR questions from the public.  BIS also conducts monthly webinars on various ECR topics.  These calls both educated the regulated community on the reform rules, and helped elicit useful stakeholder feedback.   


In FY 2014, BIS reached 16,860 stakeholders through 180 different types of events, including 2,952 people who attended 33 domestic export control seminars conducted in 11 states and the District of Columbia.  These seminars provided guidance to new and experienced exporters regarding the EAR, changes in export policy, and licensing procedures, as well as encryption and technical data issues.  BIS also participates as a speaker or with organized information booths at several dozen additional events hosted by other organizations. 

BIS held its 27th annual Update Conference on Export Controls and Policy between July 29, 2014 and July 31, 2014 in Washington, D.C.  The conference attracted over 1,100 participants. 

BIS also holds an annual Export Control Forum in California which attracted approximately 200 attendees, many of whom were from the technology community.


BIS received more than 37,718 phone and email inquiries each year through its counseling programs at BIS’s Outreach and Educational Services Division in Washington, DC, and at the Western Regional Office in California.  Through these programs BIS provides guidance on regulations, policies, and practices and helps to increase compliance with U.S. export control regulations.


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