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Connect with Commerce

In order to encourage transparency, participation, and collaboration in government, it is time that Commerce comes to you on some of your favorite social media and information-sharing sites. As part of the Open Government initative, you can now connect with the U.S. Department of Commerce on YouTube,  Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace .

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We know that you may not be able to visit everyday, so we wanted to provide some alternative ways for you to keep up to date with the latest news and initiatives from the Department of Commerce that ultimately affect you and your community.

While we know our new presences on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace need a bit of work (OK, our MySpace presence needs a lot of work), we wanted to let you know about them ASAP so you could share your thoughts about how to use them most effectively going forward. Have a great idea for a YouTube-based video contest or a Commerce Facebook App?  Post it in the comments section below.

Whether it is photos on Facebook, live-tweets from an event on Twitter, discussions on MySpace, or video updates from Secretary Locke on Youtube, we hope to offer a fun way to follow what's new at Commerce and join the conversation. Invite your friends on Facebook or MySpace and your followers on Twitter to join as well.

Finally, let us know by posting a comment if there are other information-sharing and social media sites that you would like to use to connect with Commerce.


typo alert



Yep, you're totally right -- that is a typo and now we've corrected it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Neil (Commerce Moderator)

A queston regarding the Captcha form on this website

Can I fill-out the Captha question if I am using a braille reader? (I ask because I'm curious how the new Drupal-based websites are handling Section 508 Compliance requirements.


Re: A queston regarding the Captcha form on this website

Because the math question is asked in plain text, individuals that use a Braille reader or any other assistive technology should be able to use the CAPTCHA tool on this website. In fact, this is one of the reasons why we decided to use a math problem CAPTCHA tool rather than an image CAPTCHA with audio alternative.

Not sure what CAPTCHA tools are? Check out this Wikipedia article for more information:

All the best,
Neil (Commerce Moderator)

Thank you for clarifying Captcha and accessibility

Thanks for the explanation. I'm glad to see and hear that Section 508 compliance isn't being compromised amidst the scurry to meet the deadlines of the Open Government Initative. I'm excited (and quite curious to be honest) to see how government sites and technology play together in the near future.

Have a great day!

L.C. Armstrong of State College, PA

Engaging Federal Records Managers in the Dialogue

Many of us have watched with interest as FOIA practitioners have been tapped to develop and implement the Open Government Initiative. Agency Records Officers, on the other hand, have been overlooked. At least that is how it appears. Is there a lack of understanding of the role of Records Officers? Or is this just a way of getting FOIA response documents up on the web?

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