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Thanks for stopping by our brand new site on Open Government at the U.S. Department of Commerce,

This website, launched in response to the President's Open Government Directive, aims to document the U.S. Department of Commerce's efforts to become more open, participatory and collaborative in engaging U.S. citizens.

You can use it to find out about the data sets we're posting on, learn how to make a FOIA request, or take a look at the latest draft of our Open Government Plan (coming soon!).

Most important, we want to use this site to interact with you. In addition to leaving comments on any news item on this site or e-mailing us at, we also encourage you to use our citizen engagement tool,, to contribute your thoughts and ideas concerning our Open Government Plan.

With your help, we can make sure that Commerce's plan for Open Government is one of the most comprehensive and creative plans produced by a government agency.


This is a great chance to comment

I'm really excited to talk with folks that have ideas of how the Commerce Department can be more open.

T. Neil Sroka

Thank you for Open

Thank you for Open Government.

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