Office of the Secretary
Financial Management

The Office of the Secretary Financial Management office is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the OS budgetary functions including development and oversight of the OS budget submissions to the Department, OMB, and Congress and implementation of all phases of the budget process for Department-wide, high-priority emerging issues.  This office also allocates resources to the OS Executive Direction and Departmental Staff Services operating units and evaluates the adequacy of OS budget operations and adherence to established policy.

OSFM is also responsible for continuous review, re-engineering and streamlining of reimbursable services in the Working Capital and Advance and Reimbursement accounts; monitors the Departmental gifts and bequests activities; and updates the Office of the Secretary Working Capital Fund and Advances and Reimbursement Handbook, the OS Budget Contact Handbook, and the Gifts and Bequests Funds Standard Operating Procedures.


Director for Office of the Secretary Financial Management: Vacant

Email address:


Sharon Smith-Lunn, Director - (202) 482-0736

Mirta Flores - (202) 482-3537

Shawn Holt - (202) 482-1952

Derrick Hull - (202) 482-0259

Jacqueline Jacobs - (202) 482-1604

Linh Nguyen - (202) 482-8210

Millita Robinson - (202) 482-8361

Catina Smith - (202) 482-8295

Divya Soni - (202) 482-7986

Andrew Venaglia - (202) 482-5364


Holden Hoofnagle, Director - (202) 482-3937

Daren Arrington - (202) 482-0854

Desrene Grant - (202) 482-5282

Chris Johnson - (202) 482-3294

Devta Ohri - (202) 482-3853

Diane Rodriguez - (202) 482-0664

Thavann Un - (202) 482-0739


Office of Financial Management
U.S. Department of Commerce

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