Office of
Financial Management Systems

The Office of Financial Management Systems is responsible for planning and managing the development and implementation of the Commerce Business Systems (CBS). It provides day-to-day management of the CBS projects. It is responsible for coordination with system users of all CBS component systems development and implementation efforts and their integration with the core financial system. The Office is responsible for operating and managing the Department's Financial and Administrative Systems, and the CBS Solutions Center. It provides systems analysis, definition, design, development, testing, integration, technical support, and oversight of all CBS development and deployment activities. The Office manages the Department's CBS budgetary resources, and maintains the software for CBS.

Commerce Business Systems


Director for Financial Management Systems:
Teresa Coppolino (301) 355-5501

Email Address:

Program Analyst: Shelia Young (301) 355-5544

Fax Number: (301) 355-5630

Office of Financial Management
U.S. Department of Commerce

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