Travel Charge Card Program

Travel Card Program

The DOC Travel Charge Card Handbook implements the mandatory use of the travel charge card by all DOC official travelers.   This policy supplements the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) where additional policy or guidance is required.  The Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) travel charge card policy can be found in Chapter 301, Sections 51, 52, 54, 70, 71, 72, 73, 75, and 76.

All Department of Commerce (DOC) employees are required to use an official travel charge card for expenses (excluding airline tickets) if they travel five or more times in a year, unless they fall into an exempt classification.  When you submit a voucher, you are reimbursed for approved expenses and are responsible for paying your travel charge card bill on time.  The current DOC travel charge card provider is JPMorgan Chase.

New cardholders must complete the GSA online training course to familiarize themselves with the overall travel card program, policies and procedures. 

Please see the DOC On-line Enrollment User Guide and instructions

Contact your Bureau Administrator for the company application ID.

Commercial Card Online Enrollment 

For travel card program questions or assistance, please contact your Travel Card Bureau Coordinator. 

Travel Quick Links

Instructions for on-line Travel Card Application

JP Morgan Creditworthiness FAQs

Cardholder Agreement


Travel Card Handbook Links



Individually Billed Account (IBA) Application

IBA JP Morgan Online Application (standard processing, up to 10 business days, regular mail)

IBA Paper Application (expedited, up to 5 business days, over-night mail)

IBA Expedited Application Coversheet Template 

IBA Statement of Understanding 

IBA Travel Card Training for Cardholders and Approving Officials

Contractor Individually Billed Cardholder Agreement 

Dispute Form

Centrally Billed Account (CBA) Application Requirements

CBA Establishment of Account Template 

CBA Statement of Understanding 

CBA Travel Card Training

Misuse, Inappropriate Use

Suspected Misuse - A/OPC eMail Notification to Cardholder Template

Inappropriate Charge Card Use – A/OPC eMail Notification to Cardholder Template 

Account Delinquency

Cardholder Delinquency Notification Memorandum Template  

Administrative Salary Offset

Due Process Notice for Salary Offset  and Grounds for Appeal

Travel Card Reinstatement Request

Contractor Account Reinstatement Form Template 

Reinstatement Memo from A/OPC to Level 1 APC Template 

APC/OPC Reinstatement Validation Form Template 

Program Coordinator Documents

A/OPC Template

Cardholder Refresher Training Reminder Template 


Program Coordinator Reporting Templates

Contractor-Provided Reports 

Annual Program Review Report

Travel Card Program Quarterly Review – Unauthorized Transactions Template 

Quarterly Statistical Reporting Template 

Semiannual Report on Travel Charge Card Violations Template 

Semiannual Program Review Report Template 

Merchant Category Codes (MCC) Override Log 

Electronic Access System

Register Your Device

Charge Card Abuse Act

Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act Checklist

OMB A-123, Appendix B-Revised


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