E-Travel Program

E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) is an End-to-End travel management service that automates and consolidates the Federal travel process in a secure Web-centric environment.  ETS includes all aspects of official Federal business travel, including travel planning, authorization, reservations, ticketing, fulfillment, expense reimbursement, and travel management reporting.  Use of ETS is required by the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) for civilian Federal Government travel and serves as the foundation for achieving Federal goals for government-wide travel management.

The eTravel vision is to deliver a unified, simplified service providing a cost-effective travel experience, supports excellent management, and results in superior customer satisfaction. As a collaborative, inter-agency initiative, the purpose of eTravel is to realize the efficiencies, cost-savings and increased service associated with a common, automated and integrated approach to managing the federal government’s travel function.  The E-Travel initiative aims to automate and consolidate travel processes for people traveling on official government business.  The new systems are expected to simplify all portions of the process, including planning, reimbursement and reconciliation, and will give managers up-to-the-minute access to their travel budget obligations, as well as will allow travelers to split their reimbursements and send money directly to travel card vendors.

The CWTSatoTravel (CWT) website for the Department of Commerce is www.CWTSATOTRAVEL.com.

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