Property Official Training Requirements

Below are the mandatory requirements to be certified as a Property Official:

  1. Obtain an appointment letter from your Bureau Property Management Officer (PMO) upon completion of the training requirements. 
  2. Ensure the property specific critical element is included in your Fiscal Year performance plan. 
  3. Complete the training requirements (see below for details).

Below are the required training classes for property management personnel, in accordance with the DOC Property Official Certification Program Manual:

  1. Complete the Sunflower Computer Based Training course or Bureau specific personal property management system training. 
  2. Complete the Concepts of Personal Property Management Commerce Learning Center course.
  3. Complete the Office of General Counsel's Ethics Training course located at: (select the link at the top of the page called "Property Managers Training").

Upon completion of the training requirements listed above, please submit your certificates to your respective Bureau PMO for validation. A certificate of eligibility will be issued by the Departmental Property Management Officer (DPMO) upon confirmation that all training requirements have been met.

For Bureau PMOs:  To request a certificate of eligibility, please submit a formal memorandum, along with the respective Property Official completion certificates and appointment memorandum.

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