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Summary/Overview of Excess Process

1. Property Officials (PO) will ensure all electronic equipment is wiped in accordance with the DOC Information Technology Security Policy and Property Bulletin, FY11-5, Media Sanitization to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of information prior to the internal screening/excess process.

2. POs will initiate internal screening for 14 calendar days within the Sunflower Personal Property Management System (PPMS). To initiate internal screening, please click on the step-by-step job aid.

3. Excess personal property will remain at the PO location throughout internal screening period unless excess property is identified as “scrap or salvage.” During this timeframe, excess personal property will be advertised to all DOC employees on the Assets Screening Page. As such, any DOC employee may request to reutilize excess personal property. 

4. If a user wishes to reutilize an asset(s), he/she will contact their respective Property Custodian (PC) listed on the report. The requesting and receiving Property Custodian (PC) will proceed with the standard transfer process within the PPMS to accept accountability of the asset.  At this time, the receiving PC will manually update all required information pertaining to the asset record, such as the “Bureau”, “PAO”, "User”, “Location”, and “Asset Condition” in the  PPMS.  

5. If the receiving PC accepts an open transfer custodial area request for “re-utilized” asset(s) in the PPMS AND makes the determination that the item(s) is/are not in suitable condition to meet the Program Office needs, the receiving PC must initiate internal screening and select the “Asset Condition” as  “Scrap” or “Salvage” for all items to ensure the excess personal property bypasses the 14 day screening cycle.

6. After 14 calendar days if no user wishes to reutilize an asset(s), an open transfer request will automatically be generated to the Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB) Moving and Logistics Services for pick-up.

7. HCHB Moving and Logistics Services will contact the PO for pick-up. During pick-up, the PO will be provided with a receipt for the excess personal property.  This receipt acknowledges the transfer of accountability from the PO to the HCHB Moving and Logistics Services.

8. Excess personal property will be staged for final disposition and pick-up by the Warehousing facility. All open transfer requests to the HCHB Moving and Logistics Services will be accepted by the Excess Manager. Thus, all excess personal property will remain on the PO’s hand receipt until electronically closed in the PPMS by the Excess Manager.

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