Personal Property Forms/Sunflower Forms

The following is a list of common Personal Property forms:

CD-50 Property Control Form


CD-52 Report of Review of Property


CD-126 Separation Clearance Form


CD-224 Employee Claim for Loss/Damage to Personal Property


CD-281 Report of Government Property in Possession of Contractor


CD-509 Property Transaction Request


CD-536 Inventory Worksheet


CD-546 Personal Property Loan Agreement/Receipt Form


CD-547 Off Site Accoutable Property List


OF-7 Personal Property Pass


SF-120 Report of Excess Personal Property


SF-122 Transfer Order Excess Personal Property


SF-123 Transfer Order Surplus Personal Property


SF-126 Report of Personal Property for Sale

The following is a list of common Sunflower Forms:

Please select the links below to open the Sunflower Management Center form you need. Please note that the forms have been updated and are now in Excel format. You will need to select the correct tab of the worksheet to complete your request. Directions are included on the first tab of each form. You may also refer to the Management Forms Overview for additional gudiance. Please submit completed forms to the Sunflower Management Center at


Management Forms Overview


Sunflower Catalog Management Form


Sunflower Location Management Form


Sunflower Organization Management Form


Sunflower Role and Org Management Form


Sunflower Internal Control Request Form

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