Environmental Management Systems

Departmental EMS Operations Manual

Department of Commerce Environmental Policy

The environmental policy drives the entire Environmental Management System. It communicates the organization's mission, vison, core values and beliefs with respect to the environment, and contains committments to improve, maintain or control environmental performance with respect to specific significant environmental impacts of the organization's activities, products and services.

Policy Adequacy Determinations

FY 2012

FY 2013

Conformance Declaration

FY 2013 Declaration of Continued Conformance

The Department of Commerce implemented a HQ-level EMS system and declared conformance in December of 2010.

Environmental objectives are goals that must be set and achieved to fulfill the environmental policy. Objectives are the link between the policy and the management programs for implementing the policy. An environmental target is a specific and quantified milestone that must be reached in order to achieve an objective.

FY 2013 Objectives and Targets

Significant Aspects


The EMS audit process is a systematic verification that policies, procedures and insrtuctions comprimising an EMS are being followed throughout the organization. An EMS audit is not an environmental compliance audit. While verifying how an organization implements its commitment to comply with laws and regulations will require an examination of pertinent regulatory compliance data, and may thus identify noncompliance, an audit does not engage in a systematic verification of environmental compliance. The focus of an EMS audit is the implementation and effectiveness of the system itself.

Initial EMS Conformance Audit (FY 2010)

FY 2012 Annual Audit Plan

FY 2012 Annual Audit Shedule

FY2012 Annual Audit Report

Management Reviews

Initial EMS Management Review (FY 2010)

FY 2012 Management Review

FY 2013 Management Review

Reference Documents

Departmental EMS Operations Manual

Executive Steering Committee Charter

OFEE Guidance on Organizational EMSs


Corrective and Preventive Action Report


Office of Facilities and Environmental Quality
Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration
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