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EEO Mediation Guide

How Does Mediation End?

Mediation can result in a settlement that both parties can accept and support, promotes better communications
between them, and encourages a respectful and cooperative relationship.
The process ends when a determination is made that a settlement has, or has not, been reached. A signed settlement can only be implemented when it is concurred in and executed by the Department's OGC, the servicing Human Resources Manager, and the Bureau EEO Officer. If either party believes that a solution cannot be reached and it is useless to continue the mediation, the dispute will return to the stage in the traditional EEO complaint process where it originated for further processing. If returned during the informal complaint stage, the EEO Counselor will conduct a final interview and advise the employee of the right to file a formal complaint. If returned during the formal complaint stage, the Department EEO ADR Manager will advise the complainant of the next steps in the process.
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