Department of Commerce employees have until November 2, 2012,  to complete the updated 2012 No FEAR Act briefing that is located in the Commerce Learning Center (CLC).




  • Under Learning Centers in the top navigation, click on your bureau acronym to arrive at your bureau’s Learning Center.


  • Scroll down to Department Required Training and select the “2012 No FEAR Act Briefing.”


    • The briefing is compliant for employees with visual impairments (Section 508).


  • Read the instructions for the briefing, scroll down to the Launch Briefing section, and select “Click here to launch the course...”


  • Advance each slide manually by clicking the circular Advance button at the bottom of the course frame.


    • The briefing lasts approximately one hour, and although there is no exam associated with it, you must view all slides in order to receive completion credit. 


  • At the end of the briefing, close the course window and then be sure to click the “Exit” button at the top of the course information page.  Clicking the “Exit” button registers your completion credit which is captured on your transcript in the CLC.


  • There is no need to print a certificate, however, if you would like to, select “My Transcript” under My Training on the top navigation bar.  Under the Courses Completed heading, scroll to “2012 No FEAR Act Briefing” and click on the “certificate icon” under the Actions column to display your completion certificate.  Use CTRL+P to access the Print menu in your browser and click Print.


Employees experiencing technical difficulties or having trouble getting logged in to the Commerce Learning Center should contact their bureau CLC Administrator at
































Office of Civil Rights (OCR)
U.S. Department of Commerce

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