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Reports and Scorecards

Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans

2012 Stratgic Sustainability Performance Plan

2011 Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan

2010 Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan

Agency Sustainability Scorecard

FY 2012 OMB Sustainability Scorecard

The Commerce Department met or exceeded requirements for several of the federal goals of Executive Order 13514, which lays out seven metrics of sustainability and energy performance. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) uses a scorecard system to determine how the Federal Agencies are performing on energy and environmental issues.

The seven metrics include: Greenhouse Gas Scope 1&2 inventory submission, Greenhouse Gas Scope 3 inventory submission, reduction in energy intensity, renewable energy usage, reduction in water intensity, reduction in fleet petroleum usage, and the percentage of Agency facilities that are sustainable green buildings.

FY 2011 OMB Sustainability Scorecard

Annual Report/Data Call (for use by Commerce Operating Units)

FY 2013 Data Call Memo (*Input due by November 8, 2013)


Five-Year Plan Template

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Data Form Templates

OMB Scorecard Template

Data Call Guidance Documents

FY 2012 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management Plan

FRPP Data Dictionary


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