Office of Performance, Evaluation

The Office of Performance, Evaluation is part of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration (CFO/ASA). OPERM's authority is delegated through Department Organization Order 20-30.

Functions include:

Performance Excellence

The Performance Excellence Program uses an integrated approach to organizational performance management in an effort to produce:

  • Ever-improving value to customers and stakeholders;
  • Organizational sustainability;
  • Increased organizational effectiveness and capability; and
  • Organizational and personal learning

Program Evaluation

OPERM is responsible for developing and overseeing implementation of a collaborative approach for conducting objective evaluation of programs, processes, administrative functions, initiatives, and other activities to identify opportunities for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness, and to ensure consistency with the objectives and goals established in the Department's strategic plan.

Inspector General (IG) and U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Audit Follow-up

OPERM is responsible for:

    • Serving as the Department's main point of contact for GAO and OIG engagements and, under the direction of the CFO/ASA, establishing policies and procedures for GAO and OIG audit liaison and follow-up activities throughout the Department.
    • Coordinating with other Departmental offices and bureaus on the performance, resolution and disposition of audits and reviews conducted by the OIG and GAO.

Internal Control Management (Non-Financial)

OPERM is responsible for coordinating the Department's non-financial internal control activities under the Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA). This work is done in conjunction with the Department's Office of Financial Management which is responsible for financial internal control requirements.

Contact Information


Mailing Address:

Office of Program Evaluation
Office of the Secretary, Office of the CFO/ASA
U.S. Department of Commerce
1401 Constitution Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20230


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