Bureau Procurement Officials

Leadership Biographies

David Dasher
Chief Procurement Officer of First Responder Network Authority
Phone: 571-665-6098
Email: david.dasher@firstnet.gov

Anthony S. Kram
Director of Acquisition for Enterprise Services
Phone: 202-482-5676
Email: akram@doc.gov

Michael L. Palensky
Senior Bureau Procurement Official US Census Bureau
Phone: 301-763-1818
Email: michael.l.palensky@census.gov

Scott Palmer
Director of Procurement for the United States Patent and Trademark Office
Phone: 571-270-7149
Email: scott.palmer@uspto.gov

Mitchell J. Ross
Director of the Acquisition and Grants Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Phone: 301-713-0325
Email: mitchell.j.ross@noaa.gov

Cecelia V. Royster
Director of the Office of Acquisition and Agreements Management for the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Phone: 301-975-6336
Email: cecelia.royster@nist.gov


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