1 MAY 1992

HCO MEMO 92-35

MEMORANDUM FOR Heads of Contracting Offices
FROM: Hugh L. Brennan
Director, Procurement and
Administrative Services
SUBJECT: Prompt Payment Act Delegation

Heads of Contracting Offices (HCOs) are delegated the authority to adopt different payment procedures to accommodate unique circumstances, as permitted by Section 32.904 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

HCOs shall ensure that the contract file is well documented and accurately reflects the unique circumstance which requires a payment procedure different from that required by FAR Subpart 32.9 "Prompt Payment" before approving a special payment procedure. A copy of the approval memorandum shall be provided to the Procurement Management Division and the Procurement Oversight Division.

This memorandum shall remain in effect until the Commerce Acquisition Regulation is amended to reflect this delegation.

If you have any questions, please call Tom Wilson on FTS 377-4249 or 202-377-4248.