APR 23 1991

HCO MEMO 9l-204

MEMORANDUM FOR Heads of Contracting Office
FROM: Joyce A. Cavallini
Chief, Procurement
Management Division
SUBJECT: Procurement Automation

This memorandum summarizes some important points of two of our major procurement automation systems and announces the availability of a third one.

CBD Search and Retrieval System (Softshare)

There have been numerous inquiries as to when the contractor sends the CBD synopses to Chicago each day. If you electronically transmit your synopses by 2:00 PM pacific time, your synopses will be sent that day. Usual turnaround time by Chicago is two days after receipt for solicitations and sources sought although awards take longer due to a backlog.

DGS -- Document Generation System

There are two features that are available on the system which are especially useful by contracting officers and reviewing officials. The system produces a reviewer's checklist which can be used to quickly review DGS’ recommended clauses and provisions and the user's acceptance or rejection of these recommendations. The second feature produces a copy of the contract with all by-reference clauses in full-text. There was some confusion as to how this operates. The feature is available only after the document has been created. Going into the same action and ID, you select F3 from the Working Document Selection Screen. This produces a copy of the original contract containing only the by-reference clauses in full-text. Added into the contract file, the two documents provide you, for historical purposes, all the contract's clauses and provisions in full-text. You could also take advantage of the feature for solicitations if a company requests a copy of all the by-reference clauses in full-text.

When sending in logic or software problems, it is helpful to identify as much information as possible to assist us in correcting the issues. Such information as identified on the attached sheet would make it easier to "do the fix". If you are asked for a diskette, please ensure that the information on-the disk is not procurement sensitive or if so that it is marked accordingly.

Text Search System

This is a brand new system recently awarded to PAI, the same company that operates DGS. Although the software is owned by TSA of Mechanicsburg, PA., PAI is their exclusive representative for the Washington area. It is available to all users as a selection, on the main menu. Unfortunately, at this point, network users without maxit cards will not be able to access the system through the menu due to RAM limitations. Instead, users must enter the subdirectory in which the system has been copied. At the Department, text search contains three databases, the FAR, CAR, and FIRMR.

Prices are as follows:

$ 1675.00


*We are recommending that you do not contract for CAR.

Each agency of the Department is entitled to an additional savings of 25% off the above prices if they agree to first go to the Department with any technical issues or questions. Also. this reduced price is only good through August 22, 1991.

The price includes FAC and other database updates as well as any technical improvements for one year after award. Updates are sent directly to each office within ten days after publication in the Federal Register. Update is accomplished by typing a:update and inserting a diskette into floppy drive "a." After the first year, prices are reduced to:

$ 375.00


Again, these prices are reduced 25% if you agree to first go to the Department with any technical issues or questions. Out year prices are not guaranteed. Prices listed are those currently offered on the open market. Due to the tremendous market saturation of the product, out year prices are not expected to increase greatly. The system is used at over 650 sites throughout the United States. Numerous discussions with some of those sites resulted in positive feedback on the system and high contractor reliability.

The system operates on both the Banyan and 3com networks or on the hard drive of any IBM-compatible computer. All prices listed include site licenses which entitle you to install the software on as many machines at that site as necessary without additional cost.

You can order Text Search from Procurement Automation Institute, 5201 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1001, Falls Church, VA. 22041-3203, telephone (703) 931-8500. You may notate your files that the Department's award to PAI (43SAAA1A1453) was conducted under competitive procedures.

As most of you know, Mark Graboyes has accepted a position with the Department of Health and Human Services. Mark worked hard to bring up these three systems and we appreciate the good work he has done. We intend to continue to support these systems. Until such time as a decision is made as to who will permanently assume responsibility for their support, you should direct questions/issues concerning DGS to Marcia Keating in the Procurement Operations Division (Clem Munno's office). Marcia can be reached by phone on 377-5555 (FTS) or (202) 377-5555, by FAX on (202) 377-0546, or by E-mail addressed to Marcia Keating@OPO@OPAS. Issues/questions on the CBD or Text Search can be directed to Marie Edelman on 377-4167. You can also contact me on 377-5750 regarding any of the systems.


Format for Reporting DGS Problems should include:

Reporting Activity:
Contact Person:
Contact Telephone Number:

Type of Action
Dollar Value
Commodity (ex.- A&E/Ship. Repair)
Contract Type (ex. FFP/CPFF)
Section of Document
Applicable clause number and title (ADP, CAR, FAR)
Description of Problem
Examples of Problems (Screen prints of pages, copies of documents)