JUL 12 1990

HCO MEMO 90-164

MEMORANDUM FOR Heads of Contracting Offices
FROM: Joyce A. Cavallini
Chief, Procurement
Management Division
SUBJECT: Acquisition of Telecommunications Services
Under GSA's FTS2000 Contract

Attached for your information and guidance is a memorandum from the Director, Management and Information Services (MIS) establishing departmental policy for telecommunications service procurements.

Under current law, the FTS2000 contract is a mandatory source for the following telecommunications services: long distance voice service, switched voice service, switched data service, dedicated transmission service for data, packet switched service, FTS mail, video transmission service, and switched digital integrated service.

MIS has established Designated Agency Representatives (DAR) who must review all purchase requisitions for telecommunications services. This requirement applies both to new contracts and to modifications to existing contracts, including options. The DAR will review each requisition and decide if the required service falls within the scope of the FTS2000 contract. If the telecommunications service does not fall within the scope of the FTS2000 contract, the DAR will state this on the requisition, sign it and forward the requisition on to the appropriate contracting office. If the service does fall within the scope of the FTS2000 contract, then the DAR will place the order unless a waiver has been granted by GSA for that procurement. Very few conditions constitute grounds for waiver of the mandatory use of FTS2000. In those cases, a waiver must be granted by GSA prior to proceeding with the procurement.

Requisitions for telecommunications services are to be processed only if they have been reviewed and cleared by the DAR. Those not cleared, should be returned to the requisitioner for submission to the DAR.

If you have any questions please contact your local DAR or Tom Wilson on FTS 377-4248.


cc: DARs


MAY 10 1990

MEMORANDUM FOR Bureau Administrative Officers

IRM Senior Officials

FROM: Richard E. Shute
Management and Information Systems
SUBJECT: FTS2000 Implementation Notice - 1

This is guidance information on the acquisition of telecommunications services under FTS2000.

FTS2000 is the mandatory source for all telecommunications services offered. By the end of June 1990, all Federal Government FTS locations will have been converted to FTS2000 long distance voice services. In addition to Switched Voice Service, the services are Switched Data Service, Dedicated Transmission Service for Data, Packet Switched Service, FTS Mail, Video Transmission Service, and Switched Digital Integrated Service (ISDN). FTS2000 is a contract for services only, not equipment. For all services under FTS2000, only a Designated Agency Representative (DAR), as assigned by the Department and approved by GSA, may place an order.

Under Public Law 100-440, all Federal agencies are required to use FTS2000 for any of these services, and for any other services which are added to the contract in the future. In all cases where a requirement falls within the scope of FTS2000, it must be acquired through FTS2000. In some cases, only a portion of the requirement is within the FTS2000 scope. In these instances, that portion which fits must be acquired from FTS2000.

The law also applies to renewal of existing contracts. When a contract period expires, even if it has additional option years, it must be reviewed for FTS2000 applicability. As with new requirements, if any portion of the original requirement falls within FTS2000, it must be placed under FTS2000. Contracts and orders must not be placed or renewed until they have been reviewed for possible inclusion under FTS2000.

Very few conditions constitute grounds for waiver of the mandatory use of FTS2000. Only the General Services Administration (GSA) may grant a waiver, and then only after review, concurrence and submission to GSA by the Department.

In order to ensure that telecommunications are properly ordered, all telecommunications procurement requests, regardless of the service being requested, must be reviewed by an appropriate DAR. The DAR will determine if a requirement can be met through FTS2000. If the requirement (or a portion of it) is within the scope of FTS2000, the DAR will complete the appropriate order and place it to FTS2000. If the DAR finds the requirement is not within the scope of FTS2000, the DAR will coordinate with the appropriate telecommunications approving authorities to determine FTS2000 applicability. If it is found to be within the scope of FTS2000, the DAR will sign and forward it to AT&T and GSA. If it is found to be outside the scope of FTS2000, the DAR will state this on the request, sign it, and forward the request to the appropriate procurement office for acquisition.

Attached is a list-of the DARs for your operating unit. Only they may place an order for FTS2000 services.

We ask that you give this memorandum wide distribution within your operating unit, go that those individuals who have responsibility for ordering telecommunications services receive notice of the need for DAR review. If you need further information or would like to discuss this, please call your DAR or Bill Frye on 377-3501.


cc: Joyce Cavallini
Telecommunications Coor. Committee (TCC)
FTS2000 Coordinators


FTS2000 Designated Agency Representatives (DAR)

Office DAR Name Telephone Location
OS - PAS Harry E. Bradley Jr. 377-0104 HCHB - Rm 1037
Gary E. Marino 377-4017 HCHB - Rm 1037
OIG Mary A. Carman 377-1023 HCHB - Rm 7705
Mary A. Bryant (Alternate)
OIRM - TMD Thomas W. Zetty 377-3501 HCHB- Rm 6625
Edward Blue
William Frye
Jorome Gibbon
BEA Michael Lombard 523-0718 1401 K. St, DC
James Doyle Same
BXA Rosa Rodarte 377-5653 HCHB - Rm 3889
Census Chris D. Volatile 763-5563 Bldg 3 - Rm 1533, Suitland, MD
Richard D. Smith 763-1986 Suitland, MD
Kathleen Ludgate 617-835-7100 Boston, MA
Michael J. Longini 212-264-3860 New York, NY
Frank DiBlassi 215-597-4920 Philadelphia, PA
Jonathan J. Spendlove 313-226-7742 Detroit, MI
Jim L. Johnson 312-353-6251 Chicago, IL
Betty Bryant 913-757-3728 Kansas City, MO
Dannie Martin 206-728-5320 Seattle, WA
Wilson Burdorff 704-672-6142 Charlotte, NC
Michael D. Garner 404-257-2271 Atlanta, GA
Willie R. Franklin 214-767-0621 Dallas, TX
Ken Ellwanger 303-776-2200 Denver, CO
Michael Flanagan 213-209-6616 Los Angeles, CA
EA Jane Parsons 202-377-5710 HCHB
ITA Katharine G. Lewis 377-3265 HCHB - Rm 4001
Jean Leslie (Alternate)
MBDA George S. Parish 377-1627 HCHB - RM 5089
Diane T. Hughes 377-2025
NIST Judith V. Sorg Boulder, CO
Larry Loveland 975-2000 Gaithersburg, MD
NOAA Joseph Gildark 443-3692 AD5 X2 WSC5 - Rm, 317, Rockville, MD
Linda Matthews Hood 206-526-6428 Seattle, WA
Daniel E. Smith 320-5287 (FTS) MASC
Paul A. Suthard 827-6870 (FTS) EASC
Ingrid G. Caples 392-6656 (FTS) WASC
NTIA Harriet L. Jacobi 377-1800 HCHB 4890, Washington, DC 20230
NTIS Erma Wehrenberg 487-4750 Sills Bldg, Room 1016
David Francis 487-4608
737-4750 FTS
Forbes Bldg, Room 2074, Springfld, VA 22161
PTO Robert Randolph 557-0410 Crystal Pk1, Rm 802C
John D. Hassett 557-0183 (Alternate)