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June 5, 2000



Memorandum for:      Heads of Contracting Offices

                                   / original signed by Lisa Jandovitz/
From:                        Lisa Jandovitz, Acting Director
                                 Acquisition Policy and Programs

Subject:                     Revised Local DoC Clauses

The list of local DoC clauses issued with Procurement Memorandum 2000-03 is hereby amended to make the following corrections:

        (1)    to renumber the Key Personnel clause from 1352.237-70 to 1352.237-73. The first number was inadvertently assigned to two clauses;

        (2)    to renumber the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) clause from 1352.242-70 to 1352.201-71 to accurately reflect its association to FAR and CAR Part 01;

        (3) to incorporate clauses 1352.237-71 and 1352.237-72, Security Processing Requirements for Contractor/Subcontractor Personnel Working on a DoC Site, into Section C instead of Section L; and

        (4)    to assign a date to all clauses and provisions of March 2000. Each clause name will be followed by "(March 2000)."

The revised table and clauses are available on the APP website at under Procurement Memorandum 2000-03.