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If you are using Grants.gov for the first time, please register the organization and create an institutional profile at the Grants.gov site. Once registered, the applicant's organization can apply for any federal grant on the Grants.gov website.

Registered organizations can submit applications for funding opportunities through Grants.gov to any of the 26 grant making agencies.

The exact registration steps are available at:

PIs and staff at the Sponsored Research/Program Office (SRO/SPO) do not need to register in order to find an opportunity and download the application package. Only the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) should register and submit the application package.

Grants.gov Support

For Grants.gov user support, contact the Grants.gov Contact Center at 1-800-518-4726 or by email: support@grants.gov.

Additional support, including Grants.gov Frequently Asked Questions, is available on the Help page of Grants.gov: http://www.Grants.gov/help/help.jsp.

OAM Points of Contact
  •  Greg Coss (202) 482-4248
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