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6.4  Cancellation

COs have the authority to cancel COR appointments of individuals who are not, in the judgment of the CO, fulfilling their contract management duties satisfactorily or staying within the limits of their COR authority. Cancellation actions shall be undertaken only in serious circumstances and only after the CO has attempted to have the COR correct the problem and enlisted the assistance of the COR's supervisor, if necessary. The CO shall take this action only after consideration of the impact on the individual concerned, in balance with the CO's obligation to manage Department of Commerce contracts in a manner that safeguards the interest of the Department and the taxpayer. The CO shall document the basis for the decision and notify the COR in writing of the cancellation, providing 5 work days for appeal to the HCO or one level above the HCO if the HCO is the contracting officer. The appeal official shall render a decision within 5 work days of the appeal. The appeal decision is final.

The appeal official may waive the 5 day appeal period and issue an earlier decision in urgent situations. The appeal official also may extend the appeal period if requested and justified by the COR. The COR shall be notified of the appeal period at the time a cancellation memorandum is issued by the CO.
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