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6.3  Appointment

Before making a COR appointment the CO shall consider the amount of time (either full- or part-time) the candidate is able to dedicate to performing delegated contract management duties. The CO may deem a COR candidate ineligible for a particular appointment, if the CO is not satisfied that the candidate is able to perform the delegated contract management duties successfully, given the other demands on the nominee's time. Major systems contract actions require appointment of a full-time COTR. Appointment of a full or part time COR for awards other than for major systems is at the discretion of the CO.

Once the HCO has certified a COR as eligible by issuing a Certificate of Eligibility and the CO is satisfied that the COR nominee can dedicate the amount of time necessary for successful contract performance, the CO may appoint a COR who is eligible for the same or higher level of COR by issuing a delegation and appointment memorandum. {See Section 2.2 for COR hierarchical levels.} A sample delegation and appointment memorandum is included in Appendix F. A CO may appoint a COR only from the list of certified individuals. COs shall remind prospective CORs of their obligation to disclose any direct or indirect financial interest that would conflict with the COR's public duties, in accordance with Department Administrative Order (DAO) 202-735 Employee Responsibilities and Conduct and DAO 202-735a Employee Responsibilities and Conduct Amendment 1, which cover employee responsibilities and conduct for U.S. Department of Commerce personnel. COs shall appoint CORs by memorandum, such as the samples provided in Appendices F and G of this Chapter.

The delegation and appointment memorandum shall identify the contract; state the roles and responsibilities of the COR; list the delegated contract management duties; and note the CO's authority to appoint successor CORs in cases such as transfers or fitness, and to withdraw COR appointments, if in the judgment of the CO and after compliance with paragraph 6.4 of this section, it is deemed necessary.

COR delegation and appointment memorandum shall be countersigned by the COR to indicate he or she has read and accepts the duties, responsibilities, and limitations of the appointment. As determined by the CO, the COR delegation and appointment memorandum may also be signed by the COR's supervisor to indicate that he or she recognizes and accepts the demands on the COR's time and performance.

The CO shall maintain a copy of the delegation and appointment memorandum and acknowledgement in the contract file. A copy of the delegation and appointment memorandum may be provided to the contractor.

Alternate and assistant COTRs shall be appointed in accordance with the same requirements applicable to COTRs.
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